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Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video?

How can you tell who liked your video on YouTube? Can others see what I like on YouTube?

Are you curious about the question regarding can you see who liked your YouTube video? This happens when if you want to know if your crush has viewed or liked your video yet or not. Getting to know if someone has gone through your YouTube video can make you curious. That is why we are here to lift off some of your confusion and provide you with the best solutions to the above topic. So without any further ado, let us get started with can you see who liked your YouTube video!

Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video In Easy Steps?


As you know, YouTube keeps their user’s and customers‘ info and id private. So after knowing this, technically, you can’t know if someone liked your YouTube video. So how will you overcome the question of ” how can you see who liked your YouTube video”? You can know by following these simple and easy steps! So let us take a look at it!

  • Analytical Section

This is the most common and the easiest way to get a rough idea of who all are liking and disliking your YouTube video. Even though this cannot easily point out who liked your YouTube video, you can still get the numerical value.

You might want to know where your video likes and dislikes originate from. The analytical section on your YouTube account can help you crack this small issue. Follow the below steps for YouTube analytics!

1. Open YouTube studio


2. Click on the analytics


3. Locate the likes and the dislikes option in the drop-down menu

4. Study the graph that is displayed on your screen.

This will basically portray the demographical value features. It will also help you to understand what your viewers like to watch. Also, if you can get a grip on their likings, you can easily get free YouTube views!


The real question after ready all of this is that does the ” dislike” section really matter? Let us know this is a little bit with depth.

When you get a like on your YouTube video, the whole single like is known to add to your video interaction section. This mostly means that the YouTube algorithm will get more accurate data of your YouTube channel to promote videos. Even if you got a dislike, that is not a point of concern. As you know YouTube algorithm is basically made to study the video interaction, a dislike is also taken on account of a person interacting with your video. This is actually a plus point for you!

This is another way of knowing youtube can you see who liked your YouTube video!

Can Your YouTube Comments Help You Know Who Liked Your Video On YouTube?


The simple answer to the question is yes.  The logic is that when someone has commented on your respective video, there are high chances that they have actually liked the video too. How did we understand this? As you can notice, no one actually has enough time to sit and comment on a particular video unless it is really admiring, or you have used unfair means and are getting roasted by the YouTube audience. So dropping down comments is a green signal for that particular person to like the video too!

Are YouTube Metrics Helpful?


The metrics can help you on can you see who liked your video on YouTube. This is possible because of the vast and various options it offers. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • The Watch Time Can Increase Your Fame Time.

When a viewer has watched your video for a longer period of time, it mostly indicates a good signal. When your watch-time increases, you can know through the watch time graph who liked your YouTube video in bulk! This means that your YouTube video has the potential of gaining and attracting many more people easily.

  • The Audience Can Walk You Towards Channel Growth.


By an audience metric, you can easily find out where is your video being discovered in large volume. Did you know that this particular metric can also pinpoint the age and gender of each and every viewer? You can actually take this valuable information and make videos respective to your audience metrics.

How To See Who Liked Your Comment On YouTube?

You must be wondering, after can you see who liked your YouTube video about the likings of the comments section.  It is comparatively a little bit easy to know who liked your comments. Take a look at the features to know if your comment has been liked.

  • You will receive an email notification when someone has subscribed to your channel.
  • When you enable this option, you can easily see the person who liked the comment.
  • They provide you with the name, e-mail, address, and basic profile details too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can YouTube Creator See Who Liked Their Video?

The fact that YouTube creators cannot see who liked your YouTube video is a little bit disappointing. Let us make a petition ready, shall we?!

How Do You See Who Viewed Your Video On YouTube?

There is an audience tab in the youtube analytics section. You can follow the steps above.

Are Youtube Comment Likes Anonymous?

There is a piece of bad news for all the FBI workers. The likes and dislikes on YouTube are mostly private. Sorry for Spain. The s is silent.

Can You See Who Viewed Your YouTube Shorts?

Your YouTube shorts can help you see who viewed your video through YouTube analytics.

Can a YouTuber See His Subscribers?

Technically, a YouTuber can only see his subscribers who have set their subscriptions public.

Is Subscribing To A YouTube Channel Free?

Yes! You can now subscribe to your favorite creator on YouTube for free! And maybe by following the above work, you can see who liked your video on YouTube.

How Do You Check Who Liked And Disliked Your YouTube Video?

For this question also, YouTube analytics will come to your rescue! Have fun exploring your viewer’s demographics!


We hope that we solved all your questions on can you see who liked your YouTube video. You can also check out our video on how to watch YouTube tv in 4k too! See you soon!