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Is YouTube Rewind Cancelled for 2024?

Why was YouTube Rewind 2024 Cancelled? Will YouTube Rewind 2024 be Cancelled?

Did news of YouTube rewind cancel shock you? Although YouTube did show signs of ongoing cancellation back in 2020, people didn’t pay much attention. It is a state of shock for people who love seeing their favorite creators on YouTube rewind. We will try to decode this sudden outage and provide you with the best complete information. Now the question is, Is YouTube rewind canceled for 2024. Let us start without any further delay.

Why Is YouTube Rewind Cancelled?


Back in 2011, when YouTube got YouTube Rewind on board, they stated that they wanted to appreciate their YouTuber’s success. But here is a catch, when you have a user density of more than millions, enjoying the work of few content creators would hurt the sentiments of others. This whole idea started getting a load of hate, as the idea actually seemed illogical. As the years progressed, the YouTube platform still went on to release YouTube Rewind 2017-2018-2019.

When the year-end revealed the YouTube rewind of 2018, the whole video quickly became the most disliked video of the year.

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In 2019, YouTube tried its best to shift the focus of the hatred by putting on something that seemed more acceptable to the public. While the topic of YouTube Rewind 2018 was getting all the colossal content creators’ names, the Rewind of 19 mostly comprised of normal most watched videos. If you ask for our opinion, taking down the YouTube rewind was a good decision as far as it seems. Adding only the story of known YouTubers can get a little bit boring over time. We actually hope that YouTube will come up with something better in place of YouTube Rewind 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Was YouTube Rewind 2019 Deleted?

YouTube has been known to drop its rewinds video of 2019 after the dislikes gained on the 2018  version.

Why Was YouTube Rewind 2020 Cancelled?

According to the uprising platform, YouTube did not feel that it was the right time to post a YouTube rewind in the past year. (2020).

What Is The Most Disliked Video On YouTube?

The YouTube Rewind 2018 has worked up to the first position of most disliked video of the respective year.


We hope that we have provided you with up-to-date information about the YouTube rewind canceled. You can also check out our other post here. See you soon