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Tricks Used By Clickbait Youtubers To Get Views on YT (Updated)

Why do so many YouTubers clickbait? Is it illegal to clickbait on YouTube?

Clickbait YouTubers! But first, let us start by understanding the meaning of clickbait. In most cases, the primary goal of clickbait Youtubers is to draw attention to a link to a particular web page and urge users to click on it. YouTubers are well aware that obtaining a large number of views requires a significant amount of effort. Click baiting is a quick approach to attract a large number of views. It consists of somewhat deceptive titles or thumbnails that clickbait YouTubers urge users to click on.

Clickbait YouTubers

Why YouTubers With Clickbait Titles Get Views?

The following are why YouTubers with clickbait titles get views; the content creators never misled their audience intentionally. Otherwise, the audience will lose faith in the YouTuber and feel cheated.

Some of these tricks are used by top 10 clickbait YouTubers to get more views on their channel.

clickbait YouTubers
Clickbait youtube thumbnail

Name Drop Popular YouTuber

It always works and will never go out of trend. One of the best tricks to grab attention for any clickbait YouTuber is to mention a popular YouTubers name in the title.

Using the name of a prominent YouTuber in your title is one of the simplest methods to attract attention. Not only will your fans watch it, but fans of the creator you mentioned will as well. Reaction videos, lesson recreations, and video responses are all excellent choices for these types of titles.

A famous esthetician Youtuber Cassandra Bankson reacts to celebrity’s skincare and nighttime routine, which receives a lot of views.

Criticize Something Popular

One of the top 10 Clickbait YouTuber, PewDiePie, uses this trick to get more views on his videos. Disagreement is one of the things that social media feeds on. Rather than agreeing to disagree, they like debating over everything and everything. So even those who enjoy that trend the most will click on your video if the title hints at an unfavorable perspective on that trend.

Like this video, the title refers to and criticizes Indian serials, and the title is You India You Lose. So Obviously, the title is very vague, but the audience will get curious and click on it.

To Claim Or Promise Something Bizarre

On the list of Clickbait YouTubers, 5-minute crafts videos top the list. 5-Minute Crafts, which is known for its “life hacks” and “crazy home science DIY,” bills itself as a site where people can learn how to “enjoy the thrill of doing it yourself.” However, while some of the films exhibit valuable life skills, the ones that have gone viral appear to fall short.

In this video, James Charles has debunked one such viral video of % minute makeup hacks. Make an exaggerated assertion in your title to truly catch your audience’s attention. Make it absurd, obnoxious, or ridiculous in some way. However, don’t make such a claim unless you have a reason for doing so. After luring viewers in with a catchy title, use the video itself to say something worth hearing. Some hacks work, some don’t!



Clickbait YouTubers have somehow figured a way to get the attention of their viewers. By making a video stand out, they draw a lot of attention to it. A clickbait title may give your next video the boost it needs in terms of views when utilized correctly.

Click baiting is an effective method of luring users into your videos. Many popular YouTubers use false thumbnails or provocative names to entice viewers to click on their videos. Try it out to discover how many new viewers your next video may attract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do YouTubers do clickbait?

The primary purpose of adapting clickbait tricks is to get more views because it is an effective way.

Is Ali-A clickbait YouTuber?

Ali-A was called out on the internet for his clickbait content. But, on the other hand, the internet laughed at Ali-A because of his fancy thumbnails and catchy headers. Every YouTuber runs out of content and ideas to upload videos frequently; hence they are lured to make clickbait videos.

Is click baiting illegal on YouTube?

There’s no reason why you can’t make clickbait for your videos, according to YouTube. While the platform does not accept them, adding such thumbnails to your videos will not result in a penalty to your account. Nonetheless, the majority of people find them irritating.

What is clickbait YouTube?

Clickbait is misleading texts or thumbnails in a video related to the YouTube Video. It is like a deception.