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How to fix Facebook Not Loading Problem in 2023 (Updated)

Why is my Facebook homepage not loading? Can't connect to Facebook but internet is working?

We all are so addicted to this social media platform that whenever Facebook Not loading Error happens, we switch to Twitter to know the issue! It is one of the most popular social media platforms, and we cannot ignore its importance in our lives now! It has got us connected to every corner of the world! So here’s what you can do when the Facebook Not loading Error happens next!

How To Fix the Facebook Not Loading Error?

Facebook Marketplace Not Loading

Clear cache and browser

The browser cache and cookies might be one of the reasons for the Facebook marketplace not loading error. Here’s how to clear your cache and cookies on your browser:

1. First, go to the “Settings” on your Chrome.


2. Click on “Privacy and security” on the left


3. Select “Clear browsing data.”


4. Tap on “Advanced” and select the time range as “All time.”


5. Now tap “Clear Data.”

Disable extensions

Some extensions on your browser might be one of the reasons for the Facebook marketplace not loading error. You can disable your browser extensions temporarily.


Use a different browser

Try using another browser; there might be some issue on your browser; hence you are getting the Facebook not loading error! Also, you can update your browser. Maybe Facebook is not working because your browser is outdated.


Reinstall the Facebook app

The Facebook app on your phone might be having a glitch. Hence you need to uninstall and install the app on your phone.


Reset the Facebook Marketplace access

This will be one of the major reasons why the Facebook marketplace not loading error is happening. Facebook will remove your access if you have violated its terms and policies. But if you haven’t, then you just need to reset the Facebook Marketplace access. Follow these steps to reset the settings:

1. Sign in to your Facebook account

2. Click on the “Marketplace” option


3. Select the “request review” option.

4. The Facebook team will respond to your request.

Check your inbox every day to get updates.

Facebook News Feed Not Loading

Check your internet connection

Your internet connection must be interrupted; hence you might be getting a Facebook news feed not loading error. First, check if your Wi-Fi is connected properly to your system. Also, check if your router is working properly. In case there is a problem with the router, you need to connect with your cable operator.

If you are watching the stream on your phone, you simply need to check your phone data connection.

Reset your date and time


If the time and date on your app are incorrect, then that might be one of the reasons why the Facebook news feed not working. If you are using your phone, switch to the settings on your phone and check the time and date. Likewise, if you are using your desktop, set the right date and time on your desktop.

Update the Facebook app

Your Facebook app might be outdated. Go to the play store or app store and update the latest version of the app.

Restart your phone

Switch off your phone and switch it on. There might be a glitch in your phone that might be causing the Facebook news feed not loading error.

Logout and Login out of Facebook


If all the other factors discussed above are working fine, you need to simply log out of Facebook. Then, you can log in back. However, there might be an issue from Facebook that might resolve once you log out and log in back.

Facebook Not Loading Pictures

Disable the Adblocker

Sometimes adblockers block the images as well, along with blocking the ads. Hence, you need to block the adblocker temporarily and check if the Facebook not loading images error still prevails.

DNS Settings

Press the Windows Icon + R at the same time.

1. The Run option opens up; type “Control panel.”


2. Once it opens up, “Network and Internet.”


3. Click on the Wi-Fi (Name)


4. Select “Properties”


Tap on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”


5. Select “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the numbers mentioned below:

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:


6. Finally, click on “OK.”


Now you need to restart your system, check if the Facebook images not loading still appear.

Browser issues

Sometimes there are some settings in your browser that do not allow you to view images. Hence you need to check the settings on your Chrome. Here’s how you need to enable the images option on Chrome:

1. Open Settings on your Chrome

2. Click on “Privacy and security” on the left side.


3. Select “Site Settings”


4. Tap on “Images”


5. Click on “Sites can show images.”


Also, check if you have added a site to the list that says “Not allowed to show images.”

Clear cache

If you are using Facebook on your device, you can simply follow the same steps to clear the cache. If you using your phone, you need to follow these steps to clear the cache on your phone.

1. Go to your phone “settings.”


2. Click on “Apps”

Android settings

3. Select “Manage Apps”

manage apps on Android

4. Tap “Facebook”


5. Click on “Clear data.”


6. Now, select “Clear cache.”


Check if Facebook is down

There are sites like Downdetector that will tell you if Facebook servers are down. So if you have tried all the solutions discussed above and Facebook not loading images error still prevails; then there is definitely an issue on the Facebook server.


Now that you know why the Facebook Not loading error is happening, you can try all the solutions and see if the issue gets resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Facebook is not working properly?

There may be a problem with your internet connection. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, you need to check if your device is connected to the Wi-Fi. If you are using the phone data, then check if it is on.

How do you fix Facebook when it’s not working?

Try opening Facebook in incognito mode.

Change your browser.

Disable the VPN or extensions.

Reboot your device.

Does Facebook have live chat support?

Unfortunately, Facebook does not have live chat support. It is only available for business accounts.

How do I clear my Facebook cache?

You need to follow these steps to clear the cache on your phone.

Go to your phone “settings.”

Click on “Apps”

Select “Manage Apps”

Tap “Facebook”

Click on “Clear data.”

Now, select “Clear cache.”