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How To Grant The Viewers Access Of Your YouTube Account?

How do I change the permissions on my YouTube channel? How do I get full access on YouTube?

Are you struggling with understanding how you can grant the viewers access to a particular company? This is actually a pretty common issue found hither and thither. But you don’t need to dismay anymore because we are here with Crisp but edifying steps that will transmit your doubts! So without any further delay, let us pack up and get going with today’s topic!

Steps On How To Grant The Viewers Access To Your YouTube Channel.

You can follow the below-listed steps to perform the statement mentioned above.

  1. Head over to your YouTube account.
  2. Log into your icon.


3. Select the YouTube studio option, which will be now displayed on your screen.

4. On the left-hand side at the bottom of your screen, tap on the settings options.


5. Click on the permission tab displayed.


6. Select the invite button.


7. A window will now be displayed where you will have to put in the email address you want to grant access to. Jot down the email and select the “Viewer” role from the drop-down box.


8. After you have selected the operations, click on done.


9.  Click on the Save button located at the bottom STEP-7

And you are done! The steps were pretty simple to follow, right?

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We hope that we have solved all your questions regarding how to grant viewers access to your YouTube channel. See you around! For more information related to YouTube Click here.