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Why Does YouTube Have So Many Ads ?

Curious to know why does YouTube have so many ads? Read to know the facts.

You must have noticed an increase in YouTube ads while watching YT videos. The increase in the frequency of ads has caused my viewers to think about why does YouTube have so many ads.

Creators are noticing ads running on their videos, whether the channel is monetized or not. Let’s know in detail about what has changed within YT and why there are so many ads on YouTube.

Why YouTube Has Too Many Ads?

There are multiple reasons for the increase in number of ads on YouTube videos. The recent spurt in advertisements on the platform has led to a decrease in the number of views on YT videos. Fueled by the desire to innovate online marketing, the possible reasons why does YouTube have so many ads are explained below:

  • Increase In Number of Channels Qualified For Monetization
  • Rising Competition
  • Free Platform
  • Brands love online advertisement
  • YT Ads are Cost-effective

Let’s explore each reason why YouTube has too many ads in detail.


1. Increase In Monetization Qualified Channels

A significant reason you may be seeing a lot of ads on YouTube videos is the rise in the number of YT channels that have qualified for monetization purposes. Content creators can select from four different types of ads to place on their videos. These ads include skippable, non-skippable, bumper ads, and overlay ads. Based on your subscriber count and number of views, you can also decide whether or not to have mid-roll advertising on your YT videos. These ads play in the middle of a video playback.

2. Rising Competition From Other Platforms

In the initial days, YT had gained the advantage of being an early adopter. However, the increasing number of other video-sharing platforms, like Tik-Tok, etc., has taken away a lot of viewers from YouTube. To keep its firm grasp on a massive audience scale and to keep thriving at the same time, YouTube places more ads on the videos of content creators for individual viewers to watch.

3. Free Video Sharing Platform

YouTube is one of the most preferred video-sharing platforms and a free application to use for users globally. In order to sustain, thrive, and grow, the company needs to pay its staff members and invest in its required technological support. YouTube has its major revenue coming in from advertisements, which makes it a crucial reason to place more ads on the videos.

4. Brands Love Online Advertisements

With a global audience reach, brands have discovered YouTube ads to be incredibly effective and have become high in demand. Companies are willing to leverage consumer data to make their advertisements more personalized and laser-targeted, thus engaging with their target audience on a deeper level.

5. YT Ads Are Cost-Effective

YouTube advertisements are highly cost-effective compared to traditional advertising channels and suit the budgets of companies of different sizes. Besides, YouTube allows companies to effectively place their ads for maximum ROI.

Now you must be clear about why does YouTube have so many ads. Since there are so many benefits that YT ads provide, you can use the video-sharing platform to advertise your product or brand more effectively.

Why Does YouTube TV Have So Many Ads?

YouTube is trying to attract more advertisers to the platform by displaying the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on YT TV. By offering premium TV broadcast services, YouTube is trying to expand its user base. If you do not want to watch ads on YT TV, you can get rid of them as well.

How To Get Rid Of Ads On YouTube?

You can skip some ads on YT if you are watching skippable ads. But that’s not the case with non-skippable ads. But here are some ways that will help you to get rid of the non-skippable ads too:

  • Become a YouTube Premium user.
  • Get an Adblocker
  • Use a VPN to change your country where YT does not serve ads.
  • Turn off Ads for individual videos using YouTube support


If you have read till here, we hope that all your queries on why does YouTube have so many ads are solved. Since YouTube ads form a major chunk of revenue generation for the company, we can only expect the number of ads to increase in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does AdBlock Work On YouTube?

Yes, Adblockers will help you avoid ads on YT, and you can continue watching videos without interruption. However, you must choose an ad blocker from a reliable software provider.

Q2. Can You Turn Off YouTube Ads?

Unfortunately, YouTube does not provide the feature of turning off ads.

Q3. Does YouTube Put Ads On All Videos?

Ads appear on many videos, even if some videos are not eligible for monetization on YT.

Q4. Does YT Have More Ads Now?

Yes, the number of ads has increased on YT compared to past years.

Q5. Why Is YouTube Adding More Unskippable Ads?

To increase income, YouTube introduces extra, longer commercials for 30 seconds that users can’t skip. Creators and YouTube both benefit financially from these advertisements. They contribute to creators’ livelihoods by helping to strike a balance between viewing experience and ad income.

Q6. Can We Stop YouTube Ads?

You can use an ad blocker to stop playing YouTube ads. Or you can opt for a YouTube Premium subscription to stop the YouTube Ads.