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How To Hide Subscribers On YouTube ?

Is there a way to hide subscribers on YouTube? Let's see

Are you here looking for ‘how to hide my subscribers on YouTube’?

We are afraid that currently, YouTube does not allow you to hide your subscriber count anymore. With the new update, Google has made it impossible to keep your subscriber count private. But, we are here to tell you about a few alternatives that might be helpful for you to retain some privacy on the platform. But before we go ahead and tell you the alternatives on how to hide your subscribers on YouTube, let us fill you in with the updated details.

How To Turn Off Subscriber Count On YouTube? (Desktop)

  • The new update is to stop impersonation of accounts.
  • Additionally, YouTube has limited the use of special characters in channel names.
  • Lastly, apart from disabling the YouTube subscriber count, the update also includes comment moderation. So, creators can now potentially hold inappropriate comments and spam for review.

So, we are very sorry if you came here looking for how to hide subscribers on YouTube. This update is strict, and some creators are happy with it since spammers cannot try and impersonate creators and lure viewers into scamming them. With this update rolling out, impersonators who often tried adding special characters to their names to set up a new account are also impossible. So, the Privacy of the YT creators is more guarded and in place.

So, coming back to hide subscriber count and retaining your privacy, there are still options. Let us check them out.

  • Even if the hide subscribers on YouTube feature is disabled, you can make your subscription private.
  • Secondly, you can hide individual subscribers from your channel to avoid any negative comments from them.

Keep Your Subscription Private

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hide subscriber count on YouTube:

  • Open YouTube on your desktop and sign in to your account

YouTube channel

  • Tap on your profile picture and select Settings

hide subscriber count

  • Choose Privacy and select the option of Keep all my subscriptions private

subscription private

  • Toggle on the option so others cannot see which channels you subscribe to.

How To Remove Or Hide Subscriber On YouTube?

In this section, you can hide YouTube subscribers who leave inappropriate comments. You can also remove or block them from your channel. Follow these steps to hide an individual account from your channel.

  • Open your YouTube channel

YouTube channel

  • Go to the account that you want to hide
  • Copy the channel’s URL of the account

Youtube channel URL

  • Now, tap on your profile picture and select YouTube Studio
  • Choose Settings

YT studio hide channel

  • Tap on Community and paste the channel’s URL in the Hidden user box

hide user from YT channel

  • Tap on save and close. 

How To Hide Subscribers On YouTube On PC?

These were the steps you would have followed in the earlier version of YouTube to hide subscriber count:

1. Sign in to your YouTube account


2. In the upper right corner, click on the ‘user icon.’


3. Select ‘YouTube Studio’

4. Once you have logged in to YouTube Studio, click ‘Settings’ on the left side.


5. Now click on ‘Channel.’


6. Now go to ‘Advanced Settings’


7. Untick the ‘Display the number of people subscribed to my channel,’ visible under ‘Subscriber count.’


8. Now click on ‘Save.’


Here are all the alternatives to how to hide subscribers on YouTube. Even though hiding subscribers is not possible, there are options to keep your account activity private. You can also protect and limit the comments activity on your account. Additionally, we have retained the steps to hide subscriber count on YouTube for your reference if you are still curious to know how it was done earlier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Does Hiding Your Channel Delete Your Subscribers?

No. Hiding your channel will make its name, videos, likes, and subscribers private. It will permanently delete the comments you posted on other channels. You can always choose to re-enable the hidden content at later stages.

Q.2 Why We Can’t Hide Subscribers On YouTube?

As of July 2022, the feature to hide your subscriber count from your channel has been disabled by YouTube. The reason is to curb and control the number of growing impersonating accounts. As this is a privacy and safety concern, YouTube does not allow you to hide your subscriber count anymore.

Q.3 How To Unhide Subscribers On YouTube?

Because there is no way of hiding YouTube subscribers, you also don’t have to worry about unhiding subscribers. Everyone who had hidden their subscriber count before, when the feature disappeared the subscribers unhid themself.

Q.4 On YouTube Mobile, how do I hide my subscribers?

You cannot directly hide subscribers on YT on the mobile app or the mobile YouTube Studio app. In fact, now you cannot even hide subscribers on the web.

Q.5 How Do I See Hidden Subscribers On YouTube?

Even if they have subscribed to your channel, subscribers who have concealed their subscriber count or set their subscription settings to private cannot be seen.

Q.6 Can I Hide My YouTube Subscribers On All Of My Videos?

No. You cannot find the option to hide your subscribers on all your videos in the Advanced Settings anymore.

Q.7 Will Hiding My YouTube Subscribers Affect My Channel’s Growth?

Many content creators on YT choose to hide their subscriber count while in the earlier stages. Growing a YouTube channel is a complex task, and there are a lot of tweaks to be made along the way. You must weigh the benefits of avoiding being judged based on your channel stats against a lack of transparency for hiding them. You can always analyze your viewer’s response and adjust the settings.

Q.8 Can I Still See My Own Subscriber Count If I Hide It From Others?

There is no way of hiding your subscriber count now. But if there was, you could have always been able to see your channel’s subscriber count even if you hide your channel from others.

Q.9 Can I Hide My Subscriber Count For A Specific Period Of Time?

You cannot hide your subscriber count at all. So there is no way of hiding it for a long time.