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How To Play Minesweeper Step By Step?

Want to learn how to play an old school game? Become a champion in Minesweeper!

Feeling stuck on how to play Minesweeper? If you are not familiar with the term we used, it is a game that requires some logical thinking and intuitive skills to pre-determine the place of a mine within a game. Minesweeper is a great time killer if you get bored and exercise your brain. So without any further delay, let’s know everything from how to play Minesweeper to how to play Minesweeper without a mouse!

Steps On How To Play Minesweeper

best Minesweeper strategy

You can find this amazing game pre-installed on windows. Players usually click at random squares to avoid blowing up the bombs, better known as a puzzle game. Of course, like every puzzle needs a well-executed strategy to get the work done, Minesweeper is no different! Today, we have put together the best strategy you can use to successfully complete the game in just five minutes. But before that, let’s understand some of the basic terms of Minesweeper before your get engaged with the game. You are still with us, right?

  • Flag – you place a flag where you feel a mine present beneath the tiles.
  • Question mark- it’s self-explanatory. You place a question mark when you question my presence in a particular corner.
  • Smiley face – bored of the game? Click the smiley face or press F2.

Here are the steps to play Minesweeper on the keyboard!

Locate Your Mine

how to play Minesweeper like a pro

Initially, you need to find a mine. For this, you need to click anywhere in your first game. You might see numbers on the block of the game. This basically depicts that the number is the mines adjacent to the league. See the bottom-left block in the image (3rd from the left and 2nd from the bottom). It has 1 mine adjacent to it, and there is only one unopened block next to it. Therefore, it must be a mine. You need to place a flag there by right-clicking on your mouse.

Clean The Other Blocks

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After successfully locating the blocks, you need to clear the others. Block 1 shows mine next to it ( refer to the image). These are usually pictures that are no mines next to them. Hence you can clear this patch quickly!

How To Make The Right Guess?

how to play Minesweeper

To be honest, this game works on vital guessing tricks. But you don’t need to worry if you got wrong guesses here and there! While deciding how to play Minesweeper on Chromebook or Google game, all you need is to follow this one tip. When you have just started playing the game, make sure to aim the corners of the game palette. You can easily win the Minesweeper game when you open all safe squares.

How Do You Play Minesweeper Like A Pro?

Well, no one becomes a professional on the first try, and you need to keep trying to understand the basic working of the game and use different tactics to figure out the best one in the lot. Here are some tips that you should know about Minesweeper!

  • You can press F2 to restart the game.
  • The game will get over when you pick all the safe boxes
  • Do not use question marks often. You will be wasting your time.
  • If you clicked on mine, just keep your mouse button held down and slide your cursor.
  • You can either start from the middle or from the corner. Whatever suits you the best.
  • You can actually shift the difficulty level of the game.

How To Play Minesweeper On Mac?

Planning to get your hands on the classic Minesweeper on macOS? We have the perfect starters ready for you. The first thing you need to do is download minesweeper from Mac App Store. Once you have successfully installed the application on your Mac, you need to run the file on your laptop. From here, you can follow the steps that are given above to play Minesweeper in windows and Google Chromebook!

How Do You Mark A Bomb In Minesweeper Mac?

You can do so by super clicking! You can also mark mine by pressing shift whole you click!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How Do You Play The Minesweeper Game?

It is a game that requires some logical thinking and intuitive skills to pre-determine the place of a mine within a game.

Q.2. How Do You Solve The Minesweeper Puzzle?

You can solve the puzzle easily by starting from the corners of the game board. After that, you can go on with the guesswork to win the game.

Q.3 What Do The Numbers Mean In Minesweeper?

Whenever you see numbers on the board, it usually represents how many bombs are adjacent to a square. So if a square has 2 written on it, there are chances that there are 2 mines adjacent to it!


We hope that now you know how to play Minesweeper like a pro! Be sure to show off these skills to your friends and family, and get ready to get a lot of praise!