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What Is Talk Radio YouTube? Ultimate Guide

Why is there no new talk radio on YouTube? How can I watch talk RADIO live?

Have you ever wondered about the talk radio YouTube? It’s a famous talk show which is always on the news! So without any further delay, let’s start with all about the talk radio YouTube!

When Did Talk Radio YouTube Come Into Existence?


Talkradio YouTube was initially founded and started in the year 1995! Taking on the right foot for February, they used the AM wavelengths occupied by the BBC radio in the past. The talk radio YouTube live had numerous changes for its talk show host. This sync continued for the first two years but slowly settled down on regular schedule presenters. The list of current presenters is as follows!


  • Carol McGiffin
  • Anna Raeburn
  • Tommy Boyd
  • Mike Dickin

At the very start, they were not able to make enough profit. Because they saw a decrease in the audience, they went on introducing the sports output. This was their blueprint to ongoing success! In the year,2000 the station decided to change its name to talksport. This made their all programming sports-based, followed by overnight and mid-morning shows.

What Were The New Changes In The YouTube Talk Radio Live Now After DAB?

When the new DAB multiplex worked on talk radio YouTube, it helped the whole set get ready again on DAB 21 March 2016!

What Are The Controversies Related To Talk Radio Live YouTube?

Some controversies take place at the workplace. The theme occurred when an alleged sex assault victim was called to have that they lacked the sensitivity. The same situation was in the news for talk radio YouTube live too! Their presenter James Whale was suspended because of an interview held on 30 July 2018. Though he did return to the show after a week’s suspension after apologizing on 13 August.


Where Can You Watch Talkradio YouTube Live?

You can watch YouTube talk radio live now on your YouTube App! You just need to search ” Talk radio” and you will get your results! It’s that simple!


We hope that we have solved your queries on talk radio YouTube. You can also check out some YouTube premium shows too!

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