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How To Stop YouTube Recommendations?

How do I stop YouTube from recommending the same videos? How do I reset my YouTube recommendations?

Does the question regarding why does YouTube keep recommending you the same videos? Well, this can happen because of multiple reasons!  So without wasting any more time, let us know why does YouTube keep recommending the same videos!

What Is The Reason Why Does YouTube Keep Recommending The Same Videos?


One of the prime reasons for repetitive videos can be based upon your YouTube history, activities, and subscribed channels. They may also include videos regarding your search queries made in the past! . YouTube can also suggest you re-watch the same videos if you left a video paused before!

How To Stop YouTube From Showing Already Watched Video?


Well, it’s a simple step. The best factor to opt for is to remove the video manually from the list by the “not interested” option.

You need to click on the three dots icon, which will be available on the right side of the video. You can now select the not interesting option from the drop-down box!

How To Stop YouTube From Showing Irrelevant Video Recommendations?

You can also work well with the ” don’t recommend channel” option too.  This will close all the channel’s respective videos.

Another way can also include you clearing your YouTube history. This will reset YouTube’s algorithm, which will help you find new videos!


We hope that this brief guide was useful to eradicate why YouTube keeps recommending the same videos. Be sure to check out our blog on how to watch deleted videos if you are curious to view some videos! See you soon!

Frequently asked questions

What Are Recommended Videos On YouTube?

Recommendations are the videos located on the next page that you might be interested in watching.

 What YouTube Video Gets Most Views?

You can try making videos on ideas such as unboxing videos, educational videos, or even funny skits!

What Is Do Not Recommend Channel?

You can use this feature when you feel that channel content is not something you would invest your time into.

How Do YouTube Recommendations Work?

The YouTube algorithm is responsible for selecting the best videos based on their popularity and the most relevant content strategy used.