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How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos – Top 5 Ways in 2021

How can I watch deleted YouTube videos in 2021? Is there a way to watch old deleted YouTube videos?

Did you ever get stuck in the curiosity of watching something that has been taken down the YouTube channel and have been wondering how to watch deleted YouTube videos? We can understand your situation, as we have had faced the same issue. It’s not a pleasant view, but you no longer need to worry about that as we talk over the reigns for you. So let us dive deeper into the world of YouTube and get to know the hack of how to watch deleted YouTube videos without creating any nuisance to the company policies.

Steps On How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

We know your first question would be on how to watch YouTube videos that have been deleted. It’s no rocket science to find videos that have been deleted from YouTube. Here are some easy ways to view your YouTube videos that are no longer available.


This is a site where your question of how to watch deleted YouTube videos can be answered. You can easily access any of the deleted videos on YouTube. Its also know by its pet name, the Wayback Machine. Having the URL of the video that you wish to watch makes your work easier by following these steps.

1. Copy-paste the URL and paste it at the Wayback Machine website. A search option will be enabled.



2. Once the video is located, you may download the video and enjoy watching it with your friends, family, or your pet.


3. You can also save the video in your desired location. Just in case you need more drama in your life.


Make the browser work for you

The browser can be of great use when you know to use it. The basic necessarily required is for you to see the URL of the video you want. Just copy the link and go to the web page that once had the vital video. Remove the link segment, which consists of “watch?v=” to “embed/.”

Once you have been finished doing the changes ad press enter. The server will take you to a new page that has your video. This is so easy, isn’t it? This is called embedding the video. It’s the easiest solution to follow if you were burning with how to watch YouTube videos that have been deleted.

The embedding process may look like this after you have upgraded the links.


Before embedding:


After embedding:
Again stating, you just need to change “ watch” to “embed” as displayed above.

How To Watch Deleted Videos Youtube – Other Platforms For Free

As you may have noticed, the movie or some parts of the films get leaked on different platforms and sites even before releasing that famous movie. The same situation is applied to the YouTube videos that have been taken down. The video can also be found on different sites, that is, if you have the patience to search it a little. The pages where can you can find these videos are Vevo, DailyMotion, and meta cafe.

If you have a question regarding how to watch deleted YouTube videos without link, hang around with us as we have a perfect plan for that too.

Why is YouTube Deleting The Videos?

Before we get started on watching deleted YouTube videos, we will help you get well acquainted with why YouTube is deleting the videos. Here are reasons why your video or any other video of your favorite YouTuber has been deleted.

Your content is inappropriate according to their rules and regulations.

Content is taken down when the information used in the video is ill-suited for the guidelines. This may include violent or dangerous content, harassment, cyberbullying, hate speech, or even the sale of illegal goods or services. Any content related to sexual activities is also included in the list.

For the creators:- in any case, if you feel that you have kept all community guidelines in your mind and still the video is taken down, you can appeal for a community guidelines strike.

The channel has got a copyright strike

Source: YouTube Source

Your content can also be taken down if you reived a copyright strike. Try not to use the songs or other images of the original user, and even if you do, take their due permission.

Provoking suicide or self-harm can also lead to your videos getting deleted

Youtube can be the best platform if you want to spread awareness about depression and other mental illnesses. The issue comes into play when someone misuses this power to provoke self-disgust or self-harm or even promote suicide among other people on the YouTube platform. The community guidelines are strictly against this, resulting in the instant removal of the video. There should be no questions that include how to watch YouTube videos that have been deleted on this topic because these are not available anymore for a cause.

Tip Of The Day For YouTube Creators

The hot topic for today is how to avoid losing deleted private YouTube videos. If the video belongs to you, you can always write the mail to the YouTube support, and they will help you get the videos back. It might take some time, but it is still better than not trying at all.

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Without Link?

Trying this method, ladies and gentlemen, is a little tricky but not trickier than the chemical formula. You will be able to grasp it quickly, so here are the steps:-

Open the Google search option in the new tab. After playing a little hide and seek, you will find the google search operators.


Type in “site.www.youtube.come” and name of the deleted video, the all smart google will find your video within seconds.


This video can be present on any social site: Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook.

Change the site URL, and again head back to the Wayback Machine, download the video to the pc or the laptop.


You are now set to go.

This is the tried and tested way without the link. Hope this helps!

How to watch deleted YouTube videos 2015?

We all know for a fact that the last decade was known for setting the milestone. From Lithuania adopting the euro as its currency to Randy Johnso and Pedro Martinez getting their names carved into the Baseball Hall of Frame. There is no doubt that one would want to view the videos from 2015.

Well, you still don’t need to worry as the Wayback Machine, as mentioned above, would still have your treasure safe and sound. Even though the videos would still be there on the YouTube channel, there are still slight chances that the one you want has escaped you from under your nose.
The quest is finally coming to an end. Kudos!


We have covered all the easy and sure-shot methods on how to watch deleted YouTube videos. We hope you found this article helpful. Be sure to check out our other blogs, and they can surely help you increase your knowledge and even tell you ways of getting rich with YouTube. See you soon!