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What is YouTube CTR? Improve your click through rate (Updated 2024)

What is a good YouTube CTR? How do you get CTR on YouTube?

Do you know that YouTube CTR can play a massive role in the success of your YouTube career? YT is a social media platform that is best for uploading videos and spreading knowledge and fun vibes. Even though we often dream of being YouTuber, things are not as easy as they seem. With almost more than 40,000 content being uploaded daily, your video can get lost in the comprehensive ocean of other YouTube videos!

Then, how are you supposed to make YouTube algorithm notice you and your content?! The answer is simple- make the YouTube CTR your best friend! Here we will make you understand everything from what is click-through rate ( CTR) to how to make your videos get more views! So stay with us till the end!

What Is a Good Click Through Rate YouTube?

Good CTR

A good click through rate (CTR) is considered to be higher than the channel’s average. For instance, if 5% of the viewers click on your video, you must set a goal to reach 6%, 7%, and beyond. Also, according to some YouTube reports, 50% of the channels on the platform have a click through rate between 2% to 10%

How Can You Understand YouTube CTR?

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If we put the above statement in simple words, the impressions click-through rate shows how often the audience watches the video after an impression! There are many sources of YouTube impressions, such as outbound links and other sharing options that are enabled for your video!

While a high CTR can’t always measure and give you your success rate, it’s an excellent strategy to build up your channel. We also discuss what is a good CTR for YouTube later in the blog!


CTR is the best measure that can be used to see the amount of traffic your thumbnails and titles can pull through. When you see steady growth, it can show that you are targeting the correct title, and the thumbnail is also proper! To see how the average CTR YouTube, check out the below tricks!

  • Keep a check at the CTR+ watch time. This will be useful to understand what thumbnail and title your viewers find appealing.
  • CTR+average view duration and percentage view determine the watch time of your content.
  • You can figure out the top content by the CTR and make more videos like them.

How To Increase YouTube CTR?

As CTR is the click-through rate, you need to make a video thumbnail appealing and not clickbait. Take a look at the below-listed tricks!

  • Make engaging and attention-grabbing thumbnails.
  • Make a following that is loyal to you. You can do this by live streaming on YouTube.
  • Play trial and error with titles and thumbnails for a change other than your Tinder matches
  • Try to increase average watch time.
  • Google cloud vision is a great way to get a proper CTR YouTube!

How To Track YouTube Channel Performance?

CTR Performance

The amount of effort and time you have put in to make your video engaging and creative needs some output. You can check the result of these by analyzing your YouTube channel’s metrics!

  • Keep a keen eye on audience metrics.
  • Discovery metrics also work wonders. They include top searched terms, traffic sources, etc.
  • Engagement metrics can help you get a fair idea about where you can improve! YouTube CTR benchmark can also help you with this!
  • You can also learn how to manage video engagement and comments with the help of metrics too!

What is YouTube CTR Calculator?

CTR Calculator

You can check about your unique viewers YouTube by the CTR Calculator! You can find out the average CTR by heading to the creator studio > Analytics.

You can also have individual CTR for each video on your YouTube channel!


We hope that we have made you understand what is YouTube CTR. You can also achieve a reasonable click-through rate by optimizing your video content with the help of keywords and new creative topics! In addition, it is also recommended to know how to calculate your earnings from YouTube! We will take your leave now, see you around!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is YouTube CTR Analytics?

Click-through rate is the number of clicks you can divide by the number of thumbnail impressions. This will indicate how many times your thumbnail has caught attention on YouTube!

Is 8% A Good CTR?

While a good CTR is around 4-5%, 8 is still considered a good YouTube CTR benchmark!