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How To Create Web Series On YouTube?

Make a YouTube web series and captivate your audience with a series of valuable content.

Are you looking for ways to grow your channel and attract a large pool of your target audience? Creating a web series on YouTube could be the key to unlocking the true potential of your content and boosting your channel’s performance. In this article, we’ll walk you through the critical steps involved in learning how to make a YouTube web series that helps you increase views on your YouTube videos and potentially increase your subscriber base.

How To Make A YouTube Web Series? Step-By-Step Guide

A lot of research and planning goes into creating a successful web series on YouTube. You can follow the steps elaborated below:

1. Research And Identify A Viable Idea

Identify a viable idea

The foremost step in making a YouTube web series is conducting in-depth research online and generating viable topic ideas that can be stretched into a web series. Choose topics that align with the interests of your target audience. You can use the following ideas to brainstorm and come up with brilliant topics for your videos.

  • Dive deeper into YouTube Analytics to make a list of popular videos that have attracted the most viewership and use them as inspiration for your future videos.
  • Research using Google Trends or Google Analytics to come up with inspiring ideas that your target audience actively searches for.
  • Ask your target audience for input using an email survey or a story poll to figure out what they are interested in.

Examining the data gained from the research above, you will get a goldmine of ideas to understand what your viewers are searching for and identify related topics that you can use to create a web series on YouTube. We recommend you plan a month’s calendar at a time so that you never run out of ideas for your YouTube videos.

2. Create An Outline

Once you have your ideas and a list of related topics, create an outline breaking your topic into different events that can be turned into episodes. Include an intriguing story in your content and give it a structure that will engage viewers. Also, look for relevant keywords to include in your video’s description, title, and tags. Providing a detailed description with relevant keywords helps the YT algorithm to show your videos to the maximum number of people when they search for them.

3. Turn Your Outline Into An Interesting Script

Create a script of YouTube web series

Creating a script for your web series on YouTube gives you clarity on what content you should choose when making videos. Additionally, it also helps you understand the background and props you will need when shooting the video. We recommend creating a series of at least 5 videos initially since it gives decent content for your viewers to watch and increases the average watch time. Get to your topic straightaway in the first 60 seconds because your viewers hope to discover a solution to their query as early as possible.

4. Create A Trailer For Your YouTube Web Series

Creating an interesting trailer before you release or promote your YouTube video web series is a great way to spark the curiosity of your viewers. It compels them to visit your channel and watch your content. However, the trailer should be dramatic, intriguing, and engaging to attract a large number of viewers to your channel.

5. Schedule Premiering Dates

Once you have your web series ready and you’ve already released trailers, schedule the release dates of your video series part by part. Prefer to select a weekend since there are higher chances of your target audience engaging with your videos. Also, based on your content and the response received from your viewers, determine whether you can create another season of your YouTube web series. If the demand seems higher, you can brainstorm more ideas using the steps above and create another season of the YouTube web series.


Learning how to make a YouTube web series takes a huge investment of time and effort. However, your hard work pays off in the end with a potentially larger subscriber base and significantly higher views on your YouTube videos. It gives your subscribers a reason to come back and watch the recently uploaded videos on your channel. Delivering high-quality content and attracting the right audience consistently will help you scale your YouTube channel to immense heights and make it a substantial revenue-generating source.