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YouTube vs Facebook – Which Is A Better Money Making Platform?

Which is better YouTube or Facebook? Is YouTube bigger than Facebook?

Are you confused because of the numerous blogs on YouTube vs Facebook videos? This can actually be an issue as the decision to choose the right platform directly affects your long-term growth. For a YouTuber or a business trying to market their products to target consumers, selecting the best of the bunch is the pre-set element! This is why we are here to finish the competition of YouTube vs Facebook and provide you with the best outcome about which is a better money-making platform.

Which Is The Better Platform: YouTube vs Facebook?

YouTube vs Facebook

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Facebook stands tall for connecting people across the world. While one offers you massive exposure to different ethics, the other will help you learn about audience engagement. While taking a closer look, YouTube vs Facebook may seem an extensive topic, but they both hold first-hand importance. Let us take a look at all their features one by one before choosing one; Facebook or YouTube!

Facebook vs YouTube Monetization- Which Will Give You More Money?

YouTube vs Facebook

For money matters, YouTube videos are more open to people’s eyes as they have a psychological effect. If you are a business planning to launch your product on a large scale, we would say YouTube is the best bait.

If you are not aware of this fact, YouTube videos are adequately and easily indexed on the platform. When someone searches for a topic related to your content, chances are high that your campaign or video will pop up.

For Facebook, there is no similar recommendation process to YouTube! The chances of your ads getting discovered from the newsfeed are a little less. In Facebook video vs YouTube video, a massive benefit is that the videos are more likely to go viral and gain decent exposure since it is easy for videos to get shared and receive higher engagement on the platform. Let’s look at the monetization factor of YouTube vs Facebook.

Who Pays More: Facebook Or YouTube?

YouTube vs Facebook

According to surveys, you can earn up to $260-$350 from Facebook and more than $2000 from YouTube videos. If you are aiming to drive revenue and views side by side, the definite answer is YouTube!

Can I Monetize My YouTube Videos On Facebook?

YouTube vs Facebook
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The primary need is to go through Facebook’s partner monetization policy. You must have at least 30,000 videos ranging from one-minute videos to three minutes! This is only eligible for the past 60 days of the video!

Facebook vs YouTube Data Usage

YouTube vs Facebook
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The data usage on YouTube is comparatively high because you are streaming videos online in different pixel qualities. You can also learn how to save data usage on YouTube to keep a check on your daily limit! According to the YouTube vs Facebook statistics, your data usage can go around 160MB per hour if you use Facebook.

Total Time Watching For YouTube vs Facebook

YouTube vs Facebook

YouTube has the upper hand here, as the audience retention rate is pretty high. By making engaging and creative videos, you can make a user stay on your video for as long as compared to Facebook!

On the other hand, Facebook videos can be helpful if you make videos in just 40 seconds. While the time limit may also limit your creativity, we prefer you make videos on YouTube!

Facebook also encourages autoplay which might not help you. Autoplay makes users randomly scroll even when they are not interested in the video content.

The Engagement Rate For YouTube Is The Winner For Facebook Video vs YouTube.

A high engagement rate is only found on YT. When you have an increased engagement rate, the question of Facebook vs YouTube monetization eradicates with YouTube taking the lead.

Why Is YouTube Better Than Facebook For Business?

YouTube supports creativity, and Facebook helps news. If you make news of detailed articles, Facebook is a better choice!


Facebook is known for constantly changing its rules, which can pose a challenge for content creators. Looking at all the facts of YouTube vs Facebook video strategy, we will declare YouTube as a winner! YouTube has better video algorithm than any other social media platform and works wonders in promoting the product and establishing a mutual connection with the audience! And as stated, consumer satisfaction is the biggest reward to make the business grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube banned in China?

Yes! China is all set to use its own products. They believe that it does not make any sense to use products out of their reach and waste money on the same.

Why do users use YouTube?

YouTube gives you access to the world’s largest library of video content that can help users solve their problems and enhance their knowledge!

Why do some countries block YouTube?

Countries can block YT videos that do not comply with their laws or violate them.