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How to get YouTube certified?

How many YouTube certifications are there? Education & Courses for YouTube Creators

YouTube has always supported its YouTube creators and artist. If you’re a YouTuber you’re always looking out for more views on your YouTube videos and subscribers on your YouTube channel. If you want to grow your YouTube channel, views and subscribers play a very significant role in it. How will get subscribers and views organically? You need to upskill yourself and post quality content on YouTube. Are you wondering how to improve yourself? Well.. you really don’t need to worry about it. In today’s blog, I’ll explain how to get YouTube certified and how this will help you to grow your YouTube channel.

What is YouTube Certification?

YouTube offers you to learn and upskill yourself with YouTube’s latest courses and methods. Imagine, this platform coaches and tutors you to earn money…isn’t that great? It absolutely is mind-blowing. All you need to do is check if you’re eligible to get YouTube certified. These courses help you to understand and learn YouTube analytics in detail and how to manage your YouTube channel.

Let’s understand the eligibility standards to get YouTube certified

  • You need to have a partner manager or a content ID if you’re a Youtube content creator or a manager
  • You should have a Google account
  • Comply with YouTube’s recent and upcoming terms of services and guidelines given by YouTube.

If you aren’t eligible to receive YouTube certification, this platform still offers you to enhance your skills and grow your YouTube channel! That’s awesome, isn’t it? How is that possible though, aren’t you wondering? Have you heard about the YouTube creator academy? Yes… that is the answer to all your questions. Now let’s understand how this works.

The YouTube Creator Academy has courses available and those are:

  1. Quickstart Guide
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Production
  4. Channel Optimization
  5. Money & Business
  6. Policies & guidelines

Steps to get YouTube Certified


Check eligibility

As mentioned above, you need to have a partner manager or a content ID. Have a Google account. Adhere to YouTube’s current and upcoming teams of service and YouTube guidelines. 

Enroll in a course

Get yourself enrolled if you have a partner manager or content ID. Your partner manager will help you to find the right course for you and if you have a content ID, get in touch with the creator support team

Finish the course

Complete the course at your pace but you need to finish the test within 2 hours. You need to attain a minimum of 75%. In case you fail the test YouTube allows you to retake the test after 24 hours. Once you have completed the test you will receive a notification via email. Note, this course completion letter is valid for 18 months only. Post this duration, you need to retake the test all over again.


We hope this blog has answered all your queries on how to get YouTube certified. YouTube certification sharpens your ability to buy YouTube views and grow your channel over a significant time duration. Upskilling yourself and enhancing your skills is very important if you want to grow your YouTube channel! We at Veefly also help you grow your YouTube channel by providing views and subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the benefit of YouTube certification?

A YouTube certification equips you with the knowledge to grow your channel and the digital rights that you hold while scaling it. You also get access to advanced YouTube systems and tools for growing your channel. You also get a badge to showcase on your YouTube channel and other social media sites.

Q2. Does YouTube give certificates?

Yes. YouTube provides certificates to users who complete the YouTube certified courses. However, each certificate is valid for 18 months. Post that, you will need to retake the exam.

Q3. What is caption certification on YouTube?

A caption certification applies to creators whose videos have to be broadcast on US Television.

Q4. What is the name of the YouTube certificate?

YCP(YouTube Certification Program) is the name of the certificate program offered by YouTube through Google. ‘YCP letter of completion‘ refers to the letter of completion provided to users upon successful completion of the exam.