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Can I monetize my YouTube channel after 12 months?

Do you want to gain revenue from YouTube? Can you monetize your videos?

YouTube has been one of the best platforms to share videos since 2005. YouTube has supported and encouraged its partners and creators by raising funds. It has constantly upgraded its terms and policies to benefit its creators and artists. YouTube has spent more than $30 million to aid the artists and creators in successfully building their professions. YouTube lately updated its terms of service, which says that if a creator is not a part of YPP, they will not be eligible to earn revenue.

Here I have listed few points to monetize your YouTube Channel

Monetize YouTube Channel

According to YouTube’s latest terms of service, you must have known, that you need to have 1000 subscribers and over 4000 hours of views in the past 12 months. The YouTube Partnership Policy (YPP) will be effective from 1st June in all the countries except the United States. Here’s an overview of the YouTube Partnership Policy (YPP):

  • Have a 2 step verification for your google account
  • Your Channel should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch
  • Sign the YPP terms and conditions
  • Create one AdSense account

If you aren’t a part of the YPP policy you will not be eligible to earn revenue from the ads and YouTube Premium.

How are 4000 hours of watch and 12 months calculated?

For example, if it 1st January 2021 today, YouTube will track your watch time from 2nd January 2020. Then from 2nd January 2021 to 3rd January 2020 and so on. Your total watch time will increase and decrease as you try reaching the 4000 hours watch goal.

Concluding Thoughts

You do not need to wait for 12 months if you complete 4000 hours before 12 months. You can immediately apply for YPP and receive revenue. You can monetize videos by sponsoring your content. You can make videos to feature their products. Companies willingly pay to get their brand engaged with a large audience. Here are some other ways of gaining views monetizing your channel:

  • Sponsor and promote products that you buy
  • Try Affiliate marketing
  • Consistently post videos on your channel
  • Optimize your videos with keywords
  • Promote your videos on your social media

Try to gain maximum views and subscribers organically. There are platforms that help you to gain views and subscribers like Veefly. You can use tools like VIDIQ to learn a bit more about keyword research. This software allows you to analyze your views, likes, comments, and subscribers and gives you a detailed analysis of your competitive channels.

Do not forget to check our coverage on YouTube Monetization Plan to know more about the revenue model. Also via videos, you can unlock the power of Affiliate Income. A way to increase your revenue with the right product placements.