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How To Write Better YouTube Titles With AI Suggestions?

Craft engaging YouTube video titles with advanced AI suggestions and attract massive viewers to your videos.

Are you producing mind-blowing YouTube videos but not getting the desired views? Your video titles could potentially hold back millions of viewers from clicking on your video. An AI YouTube title generator can be the secret weapon to craft intriguing titles for your videos. Creating catchy headlines is the key to pulling your target audience’s attention and getting them to watch your videos. Let’s dive deeper and learn to write better YouTube titles using AI tool suggestions.

Tips To Craft Clickworthy Titles Using AI YouTube Title Generator

Regardless of what type of video you are publishing, here are a few significant tips to keep in mind when creating clickworthy titles.

1. Be Mindful of Character Count

Youtube character count

Viewers seldom click on videos with long titles. If you want to grab their attention, write something that sparks their curiosity. Longer titles are truncated by YouTube. We recommend keeping the title between 70-80 characters. Be mindful that your title doesn’t go beyond the recommended limit. An AI YouTube title generator makes it lightning fast to provide reliable titles in less time. As a creator, you’ve to apply your creativity and ensure that the title gives a hint of what the content is about while also capturing the attention of the viewer.

2. Place Primary Keyword in Beginning

Primary keyword in beginning

While it is true that AI video title generator gives you various results in less time, phrasing the title can still be time-consuming. Placing the most important keywords in the beginning indicates the YouTube algorithm of what your content is about. It enhances ranking and also gives a glimpse to your potential viewers of what your video is about.

Here’s an example; your video speaks about healthy breakfast recipes that can be prepared quickly. Here’s how you can make it engaging and interesting: “5 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Recipes”

It gives the reader a glimpse of what the video is about while placing the primary keywords at the beginning. So, whenever viewers look for quick healthy breakfast recipes, your video has a higher chance of appearing in the top results.

3. Include Numbers in AI generated YouTube Titles

Numbers spark curiosity among viewers and also set expectations for what they will see in your videos. We bet you got the expectations right when you read “5 quick and healthy breakfast recipes.” It also provides a comprehensive understanding of the content to the viewer before they click on the video. Your creative YouTube video title entices the potential viewer to click while numbers validate your content and add specificity.

4. AI YouTube Title Should Target Emotions

If your viewers feel that watching your content can help them solve their burning problems, they cannot wait but click and watch your video. Make a list of the potential challenges or pain points your video addresses and try to include them in your title. An AI YouTube title generator helps you integrate powerful words that evoke the emotions of your viewers and paint a clear picture of what your video is about. It piques their interest and subconsciously impacts their decision whether they want to watch the video or not. The attention span of viewers has already decreased from 10 seconds to 6 seconds. So, use power words in your AI generated YouTube title.

5. Ask Questions That Spark Curiosity

Ask questions in AI YouTube title generator

Did you know that asking questions is a great way to spark your reader’s interest? Read the previous line again. We bet you’ll understand the idea. Look for what your audience is looking for and try to frame interesting questions around those solutions. Fortunately, VeeFly’s AI tool can provide you with intriguing suggestions that you can use to frame questions without brainstorming from scratch. Questions capture your viewer’s attention and bring their focus back to a pressing problem whose solution they are seeking.

6. Increase Relevancy and Experiment Often

Your video’s content and title should be relevant. If the viewer is looking for quick healthy breakfast recipes, your content should not focus on dinner, brunch, or lunch. Once you have your audience’s attention, keep it hooked through relevant content. Based on our experience, experimenting often is the best way to come up with interesting and relevant titles. VeeFly’s AI YouTube title generator can help you come up with numerous titles thus saving your time and allowing more space for experimenting with different titles. See which titles get the most clicks, drive video views, and attract the highest engagement from your viewers.

7. Stay Away From Clickbaits

Contrary to the advice, we have found that relying too much on clickbaity titles can snatch away your viewer’s attention. If you struggle to increase your viewership count, resorting to clickbait titles can seem the easiest task. While you can attract a decent number of clicks or short-duration views, your videos can also encounter high drop-off rates.  Viewers might leave your video way before it is finished. Your channel may also get negative comments, thus affecting its reputation.


Using an AI title generator for your YouTube videos can save you time while also giving you more liberty and creativity in crafting better YouTube video titles that get clicks. To make it easier for you, VeeFly’s AI title generator has added features of adjusting the tonality according to your video category and niche. Using various inputs, you can generate more than 10 titles in just a few clicks without brainstorming yourself. So, before you publish the next video, explore the tool that generates clickworthy titles for maximum visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does an AI title generator cost?

While various AI YouTube title generators are available online, a few of them are paid. However, VeeFly’s AI generator is completely free for YouTubers and Creators. Use it yourself or share it with your team mates; you won’t be charged a penny.

Q2. Why should I use an AI YouTube title generator?

If you want to outpace the stiff competition and produce high-quality content regularly, you need to rely on using an AI title generator. Speed up your publishing process by brainstorming at the right task and also attract maximum eyeballs to your videos.

Q3. How can I improve my YouTube titles?

Use an AI title generator for YouTube videos. Come up with at least 5-7 titles and try incorporating the points discussed in this article. It will enhance your YouTube video titles.

Q4.  Can an AI generator provide titles for videos from multiple categories?

Whether you’ve tutorial videos, how-to videos, educational, traveling, or vlogging videos, etc., an AI generator can help you craft catchy titles regardless of category or type of video content.