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YouTube For Android TV Gets A New Sidebar

New updates to improve the overall experience of the users

To enhance user experience, YouTube for Android TV has recently rolled out an update with new features designed to improve accessibility and navigation on larger screens. A new slide-in animation will be displayed when users log in to YouTube on the Android TV app. The update was developed so users could more easily navigate the streaming site.

YouTube Has Rolled Out New Slide-in Animation For Android TV

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In a recent update, the sidebar section now includes a text identification feature when the user hovers over the home icon with the remote’s cursor. To grasp the latest update, it is essential to be familiar with the previous animation. The last animation displayed icons such as ‘Search,’ ‘Home,’ ‘More,’ ‘Music,’ ‘Movies,’ and so on.

In the latest upgrade, users can access a broader range of options, including Gaming, Subscriptions, Library, and other previously unavailable features. Evidently, the newest addition enhances accessibility and improves the user interface experience during navigation.

To further enhance this functionality, all options in the sidebar animation have text identifications and a pill-shaped box. Now, each icon and text is neatly displayed in a pill-shaped box. This change enhances the streaming website’s functionality and adds a visually appealing touch to the overall design.


The extent of the new feature’s availability on TV devices remains uncertain, but it has recently been observed on various Google and Android devices. YouTube has been upgrading many features related to AI, music, and other algorithms to enhance functionality and usability, and the latest upgrade is no exception.