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YouTube Launches Sustainability-Focused Originals

Many YouTubers use the platform to raise awareness and encourage zero waste living.

YouTube has been on a roll in 2021, with launching new features and updates. While YouTube is uniquely celebrating Earth Day 2021, it has also announced new Ad packages under YouTube Select. The platform makes it easier for creators and advertisers or brands to entertain, promote, and engage with each other.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated globally to support environmental protection. Many YouTubers use the platform to raise awareness and encourage zero waste living. Just like Manuela Baron (Girl Gone Green), this year will see similar creators as a part of YouTube’s latest campaign.

YouTube Launches “Humans of Earth Day” Campaign


YouTube is kicking off Earth Day with a slate of sustainability-focused Originals. This move comes as a part of Google’s pledge to fight climate change. The tech giant plans on going carbon-free commitment by 2030.

YouTube air a special episode of BookTube, featuring Bill Gates and his book How To Avoid A Climate Disaster. During this episode, Gates and YT creators will discuss climate crises and different solutions that the world can adopt to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Creators such as Ariel Bissett, Emmanuel Acha, asapScience, MostlySane, and SmarterEveryDay will be a part of this discussion.

YouTube’s “Humans of Earth Day” campaign will feature many Environmental YouTube creators. YouTube will launch this campaign on its own channel featuring more than 30 creators.

YouTube will host Global Citizen Live with Global Citizen Partnerships on September 25, 2021. This live broadcast airing from many locations globally is similar to New Year Eve’s Countdown. During TED’s Countdown Summit, creators will talk about climate change and sustainability-related to their lives.

YouTube Sustainability-Focused Originals

YouTube is focused on coming up with new projects related to the environment to inform, inspire and educate viewers. The below-mentioned is YouTube’s complete sustainability slate for 2021, which will be premiered in October 2021. These originals will see Jack Harries, Mark Vins, and many more creators and eco-friendly YouTubers. 

  • Seat at the Table
  • Stay Wild
  • Shut It Off ASAP
  • Kid Correspondent

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