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How to use YouTube Creator Studio to your Benefit?

YouTube Studio, earlier known as Creator Studio, is one of the most important tools for YouTube creators. Whether you are a new creator or an old one, you must know the significance of this tool. But did you know that you can use YouTube Creator Studio to your benefit to get high returns?

In this blog, we will explore how creators can use YouTube Studio to their benefit while completely understanding what it entails.

  • What is YouTube Studio?
  • Exploring YouTube Studio elements
  • How to use YouTube Studio features to your benefit

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio or Creator Studio is an in-built YouTube tool that helps creators manage their YouTube channel – videos, live streams, posts, and stories. This tool is free for all creators and comes with tons of benefits. Creators use this tool to engage with their audience, organize their videos, create playlists while also monitoring their channel’s metrics. The channel analytics option helps YouTubers gain more subscribers and views by promoting their content.

YouTube Studio elements

Let’s look at the different YouTube Studio elements and explore how each feature functions.


The YouTube Studio dashboard gives creators an overview of their channel. The dashboard gives you a peek into the most important information about your channel.

Latest video stats


The dashboard showcases a summary of your latest video stats such as views, watch and view duration. You can click on “Channel Analytics” to view all the stats in detail. You can also see your audience’s recent comments on your videos.

Recent subscribers


Just like recent comments, the dashboard shows you a list of recent subscribers who joined your followers’ list in the past 28 days.



The dashboard also has a news section that shows valuable news related to the platform and industry.

Ideas for you


For creators who struggle with coming up with new ideas for their video content, the dashboard has a section called “Ideas for you.” It provides you with tips and tricks to use in your videos for better traction.

Creator Insider


YouTube Studio now provides creators with the latest tech updates and bug fixes in the “Creator Insider” section.



YouTube Studio Analytics is the core of your channel. Every video that you upload is analyzed in this section. It helps you improve your video content to get more views, engagement, and subscribers.

If you go to the analytics section, you will see an overview of your video performance and if your video campaign was successful. You can adjust the time frame’s duration for more specific details on the right-hand top corner.

Under overview, you will see a chart showing detailed stats of Views, Watch Time, and Subscribers.

Within the chart, if you click on the “see more” option, which is on the bottom left corner of the chart, you will discover the following additional analytic features:

Traffic source: The source that led them to your video. E.g., YouTube search.
Geography: Location of the viewers.
Viewer age: Age metrics of your channel.
Viewer gender: Gender metrics of your channel.
Playlist: No. of people watching your channel playlist.
Device type: The type of device viewers use to watch your videos.

More than 10 additional features under this section will give you more and more information about your channel and video.

You can also explore the tabs next to overviews such as Reach, Engagement, Audience, and Revenue for further information about your campaign.

Video Manager


The video manager, also known as Channel Content, organizes and maintains a track record of all of your videos.

Once you open this section, you can check the visibility, restrictions, views, comments, and likes and dislikes on your videos.

When you click on any video’s thumbnail, you will find in-depth details, analytics and read the comments posted on that specific video. You can further edit the video’s title and description and retrieve a shareable link to your video. In case you lost the original draft of your content, you can also download your video – all in one place.

You can edit the title, description and upload a customized thumbnail for your video under details. You can also add your video to an existing playlist or create a new one. There’s also an option to edit your video’s end screen and cards.

Channel monetization


Under the channel monetization tab, creators can check if they can earn money under the YouTube Partner Program. To get into the YPP, your channel needs to have 4,000 watch hours in 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers. Make sure to follow the YouTube monetization policies.

YouTube sends creators an email when they are eligible to apply for the program.

Audio library


The audio library lets you browse and download free music for your videos. You can use these tracks without having to face any copyright issues. You can use filters to look for artist names, song titles, etc. YouTube updates its library with the latest music every month.

Using YT Studio features to your benefit

More views


Impression CTR

The Impression Click Through Rate report lets you know how many people have viewed and clicked on your video. And this data is crucial for your channel’s growth since it shows how captivating your video’s title, description, and thumbnail is. Earlier it was difficult to pinpoint why your video wasn’t performing well. With this data at your disposal, you can now know if your video can bring in more views.

Traffic source

The Traffic Source report lets you know where your views are coming from or simply putting it – the source of your views. You can use this information to bring in more organic views by understanding its workings. If your video is getting more traffic from one source, you can focus on that source. If another source shows a dip in traffic, you focus on changing your promotion strategies on that platform. Don’t forget to optimize your videos for them to rank higher on the search result page.


You definitely must embrace a feature – looking for the keywords people use to search for your video. Under traffic source – YouTube search, you will see a list of keywords used by people, and if you have already optimized your videos by now, you will recognize the keywords quite easily.

More subscribers


Turn viewers into subscribers

Through the YouTube watch page report, you can find out which videos turned viewers into subscribers. This means these videos are high-performing videos of your channel and bring in a large new audience. Use these videos to your benefit by using them as your channel trailer while also promoting your channel on other platforms. You can use these videos in your end screens and cards to attract viewers to your channel. You can also out these videos on the top of your playlists, making it the first video your viewers watch.

Improve watch time and audience retention

The Audience Retention report gives you a peek into the average percentage of your video that people watch. This will help you focus on your videos’ parts where people stopped watching your videos. If there’s a drop after a 5-minute timeframe, you need to figure out what drives people away and use this insight to improve your content to suit your audience’s likings.

Improve video content

To grow your channel, you need to first figure out what kind of videos you need to create. Get creative and upload a few videos to see your channel’s works. You can then experiment with the content, editing, graphics, and lighting to further improve your video.


By now, I am sure you are well-versed with the YouTube Studio tool and what you can do to further boost your channel and grow with it. While you focus your energy on the analytics and workings, don’t forget to have fun and get creative. Your channel is a replica of your thoughts and creativity. Let your audience connect with your personality and engage with your channel on a more personal level.

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