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YouTube Rank Checker to Track Videos (Free Tools to Try in 2023)

How do you check your YouTube ranking? How do you rank No 1 on YouTube search?

Have you just uploaded a video on YouTube and are searching for a YouTube rank checker? Well, it’s natural when you want to know at what ranking does your YouTube video hold! So without any further delay, let’s get to know about YouTube rank checker! We have mentioned a free and a paid service for your convenience!

What Is A YouTube Rank Checker?


There can be chances where you want to track your YouTube video ranking for a specific keyword. You can also want to search high-volume ranked tags to get a better insight! Let’s take a look at YouTube keyword rank checker!

Check The YouTube Keyword Ranking With Accuranker!


Accuranker is the best-paid checker with which you can check ranked tags YouTube. You just need to create an account. They are also known to offer you a free trial! When you have successfully logged in, you can now copy-paste the channel URL and start with keyword tracking for YouTube! If you want to find keywords that actually work to bring traffic to your channel, you can use YouTube studio 

Tube Buddy


Getting access to tube buddy is actually pretty easy!  You just need to log into the tube buddy dashboard. You can now click on search ranking>keyword that you have to track! One advantage of using tube buddy is that you can videos that are actually outranking you! Not only you can search your ranking on YouTube but also on Google search engine! Isn’t it great !?

How Do You Use YouTube Rank Tracker?

You can get to know about the ranking of YouTube with a few easy steps!

  1. Copy the URL link of the video


  1. Paste it on any rank checker on google.


  1. Add the keywords

That’s it! You can now gain huge access to the YouTube keyword rank checker without any issues!

How Do You Get Your Videos Rank Higher?



Your videos can gain a higher rank with proper use keywords! Also, it’s recommended your channel subscribers share your video and hit the notification bell too!


We hope that we have successfully given you the best YouTube rank checker! Be sure to check out our blogs on SEO optimization to rank your YouTube videos!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Rank Tracker?

A rank tracker can tell you the status of your video. It can also show you your competitor’s ranking too!

What Is The Fastest Way To Rank Up YouTube Videos In 2022?

Proper use of keywords and youtube SEO can help your rank higher on YouTube

Do Longer YouTube Videos Rank Higher?

No, a longer duration of duration does not matter as far as ranking is concerned. We will advise you to keep your video short and crisp

What Is A Good SEO Score Out Of 100?

31-40 is a comparatively good SEO score!