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How To Clear YouTube App Cache?

See how you can clear caches on YouTube!

YouTube is a video-streaming platform that is used by hundreds of people every second. The application can experience a glitch for some reason, and if you think clearing the cache fixes the YouTube application, you must know how to clear YouTube app cache. Deleting the stored cache files can really help your application function effectively.

How To Clear Cache On YouTube App? (Android)

Deleting the cache on the YouTube app can also help you fix your YT not working problem. Here’s the step to clear cache on YouTube app.

1. Open your phone and long-press on the YouTube application. 

2. You will find different options on this screen. Choose app info. 

youtube-clear cache-steps

3. Head to the internal storage/ storage & cache (you might find a different option), and tap on the clear cache option on the screen.

internal storage-delete cache-yt

Clear Youtube App Cache On iPhone


Apple, unfortunately, doesn’t offer the opportunity to delete YouTube app cache on iPhone. But don’t worry. You still have the option to clear the cache on YouTube, and that is re-installing the application by removing it. Simply long-press on the application and tap on the remove option at the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Clear Cache On YouTube Web?

You don’t get options, just like iPhone, to delete cache on the computer. Your device doesn’t store cache for every website. It has a single data stored cache for each website you hover on, which you can clear quickly by going under settings. Select the cookies and other site data, and click on the clear data button at the bottom.

Q2. How Can I Clear YouTube Cache On Safari?

Every device’s deleting cache steps are different, and so do Mac users. You can either use Chrome or Safari to clear the cache on YouTube. Here’s the step for Safari:

1. Open your Mac and head to the Safari application.

2. Now click on the safari icon at the top, and go to the preferences option.

3. You will see different options on the screen. Choose the privacy icon (looks like an open hand), and click on manage website data.

4. Select YouTube, and click on the remove option to clear the cache on YouTube. Once you do it, click on the Done button at the bottom right.

Q3. Why Not Use A Third-party App Cache Cleaner?

Using third-party applications are ususally shady and unsafe. They also ask for extensive permissions and shows futile ads.

Q4. Why Is It Important To Clear Cache And Cookies?

Cache and cookies are good when you want to access old content you have watched. But since you use YouTube to watch so many things, you happen to stored huge cache files that can lead YouTube malfuntion. Therefore, it’s usually advised to clear cache on YouTube to make it work smoothly.


Knowing how to clear YouTube app cache isn’t that hard. You just need to perfrom a few steps and you are all set to go. Well, you can also use these guide on whenever you face trobleshooting problem or any glitches on the application.