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How to Create DIY YouTube Marketing Videos

How can I make DIY videos? How to Create a Successful DIY Video on a Budget

Video marketing is the next big thing in the marketing world. And given the lockdown situation, video marketing can rescue your brand from hitting a slump. Creating videos is very easy today, with everyone having access to incredible smartphones.

When the world went under lockdown, brands started working remotely. Instead of panicking, they came up with great ideas to continue creating marketing videos. In fact, many believed it was comparatively cheaper than what they spent before the lockdown.

As a result, people started using DIY items and at-home equipment for recording purposes. They also took it up as a challenge to create more compelling videos to grab more audience attention.

Since YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform, it became the hub for video marketing more than ever. As a result, smaller businesses started joining the platform and using it to sell their products. If you are looking to grow your business using YouTube marketing, here’s how you can achieve it.

At-home video equipment

At-home video equipment

Today, businesses need to work from home to avoid physical contact with their colleagues. Unfortunately, this means you don’t have access to traditional video production equipment. So, here is a few at-home video equipment you can use to record your videos and create amazing video content.


Who doesn’t have a smartphone today? Most smartphones have great camera capabilities and features that can be used to record videos in high quality.

Action cameras

If your video content involves a lot of movement, you can switch to action cameras like GoPro. They capture raw footage with more stability and create dynamic shots.

DSLR cameras

Any digital single-lens reflex camera will help you capture professional-looking shots. Starting with the image quality to the interchangeable lenses and long battery life.

Professional cameras

If you have a big budget, you can invest in professional cameras. This will be a huge upgrade to all the above-mentioned gadgets. But only invest if you are an experienced, tech-savvy videographer.

Audio equipment

Audio plays an important role in enhancing the quality of your video. You will need a good microphone and a pair of headphones for clear sound and recording. You can always look for options that suit your company’s budget. If your sound quality isn’t up to the mark, check out our guide to help you with that – How to improve the sound quality of video files.

Lighting equipment

Normally, lighting equipment costs a bomb. However, since you are at home, you can use a desk lamp or any other house light. You can also use natural sunlight and set up near a window to let that enhance your footage. Again, look for cheap options with great reviews online.

Stock video footage

You won’t be able to record every detail of your video content, which is where stock video footages come in. There are millions of hours of footage accessible online that can be used in marketing videos. While some are free, you will need to subscribe to the paid version to get high-quality video shots. To name a few:

  • Shutterstock
  • Getty Images
  • Envato
  • VideoBlocks
  • Artgrid

Also, don’t forget to check out our guide on How to enhance your home video studio. This will help you create a work-friendly environment at home, making it easier for you to meet your deadlines.