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How to get Sponsorships on YouTube ?

Where do I find YouTube sponsors? YouTube brand sponsorships - Need to know guide

YouTube is one of the finest video-sharing platforms because it has always supported its artists and creators. Become a YouTube influencer and see how to get sponsorships on YouTube. All you need to do is share quality content and be consistent on YouTube to earn money online. If you’re a YouTube creator you must be knowing that you need to be a part of YPP to earn money on YouTube.

YouTube offers affiliate marketing for YouTubers, sponsorships to grow your YouTube channel. This platform also offers to enhance your skills if you wish to become a successful vlogger and get certified. Getting your channel sponsored is one of the greatest ways to earn money on YouTube. Are you thinking of how to get sponsorships on YouTube? Here we’ll share tips to get sponsorships. Also, this is the list of platforms that will assist you to get your channel sponsored.

Tips to get Sponsorships on YouTube

Build a brand presence

If you want to promote brands you need to make to create a presence on YouTube. Before any brand collaborated it will check if its brand is promoted to the right set of audiences. You need to be confident about the content that you post on your YouTube channel. Sell products or services that are relevant to the niche of your channel.

Target audience

The sponsor looks for a relevant audience according to the brands or services that they offer. The sponsor will only collaborate with you if your viewers like your content. All you need to do see analyze your audience as to the age group, their standard of living, which brands they like, and their source of income.

Create quality content

This is the most significant factor the sponsors search for. You need to create quality content on your YouTube channel. Before approaching a self analyze your content. You can also ask your audience to share feedback.

Platforms that help you to get Sponsorships on YouTube


Frambit was rebranded to BrandConnect in 2020. This platform brings brands and YouTube creators together to create brand content. If you want to be a part of Frambit, you need to make an account that is connected to your YouTube account. Pick the right brand according to the niche of your channel and create commercials to earn returns. To be a part of Frambit, your YouTube channel should have a minimum of 5000 subscribers.


This platform allows you to choose brands that are tailored according to the size and niche of your YouTube channel. Once your proposition is approved you can start making content. To apply with Grapevine you need to have a minimum of 10,000 subscribers but do not hesitate to get in touch with Grapevine if you have subscribers up to 2,000 as well!


Content BLVD

Do you want the products from the brands that you sponsor? If yes, Content BLVD should be your choice! They provide product packages in return for promoting and advertising brands. If you want to work with Content BLVD, you need to create an account and choose what you want to promote on your YouTube channel. This platform works both ways. It helps the brands to choose the right Youtube creator to promote the brands. Content BLVD will also help you to find a brand according to your channel size and niche and promote the brands to the appropriate set of audiences.