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What Are The YouTube Partner Program Requirements?

Here's everything you need to know about YouTube Partner Program!

YouTube is a primary source of income for a lot of people. So if you are wondering how to be a YouTube partner and get monetized, you have come to the right place. You might be making great content on YouTube, but you won’t get monetization benefits if you don’t meet the YouTube Partner Program requirements.

In this article, let’s learn everything we can about YPP, and what are the YouTube Partner Program requirements:

What YouTube Partner Program Requirements Must I Meet?yt-partner-program-requirements

There are the requirements for YouTube monetization program, and then there are the requirements for YouTube partner program. This is the minimum eligibility criteria you need to meet if you want to get into YPP:

  • Follow YouTube monetization policy.
  • Live in one of those countries where YPP is available.
  • Have a history clear of YouTube community guidelines strikes.
  • Must have 4000+ public watch hours in the past year.
  • Have 1000+ subscribers to your channel.
  • Link your AdSense account.

How To Apply For The YouTube Partner Program?

Here are the steps to apply for the YouTube Partner Program:

  1. Make sure you qualify for the program.
  2. Go to your YouTube creator studio and click on ‘Apply Now’ if you’re eligible.apply-for-yt-partner-programapply-for-yt-partner-program
  3. Follow all the steps on the screen and await your review.apply-for-youtube-partner-program

YouTube will review your application and get back to you in a few days.

Why Apply For YouTube Partner Program?

Becoming a YouTube partner will offer you a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits are:

  • Getting the support of YouTube whenever an issue occurs. YouTube offers special support teams to creators partnered with the platform.
  • Access to the Copyright match tool. A copyright match tool allows you to search for videos that match with other videos on YouTube and take any action you think necessary.
  • YouTube monetization becomes a piece of cake when you get into the YouTube Partner program.


1. How Do You Partner With YouTube?

You apply to a YouTube Partner Program after making your channel eligible. This is how you partner with YouTube.

2. What If I Dont Meet The Program Threshold?

You will have to work harder on your YouTube channel to meet the YPP threshold. Once you build an audience for yourself, YouTube will recognize your channel as profitable and make you a partner.

3. What Does ‘Valid Public Watch Hours’ Mean?

The count of all the views you get on your public videos on YouTube is the ‘Valid Public Watch Hours.’

4. If I Meet The Requirements, Do I Automatically Get Into YPP?

No. You will have to apply for the YouTube Partner Program and be accepted in to get into YPP.

5. What Happens If My Counts Drop Below The Requirement After I Apply?

YouTube will assess your content and channel and decide if you get to enter the YouTube Partner Program if your counts suddenly drop.


If you want to be a YouTube partner, you will need to know all the YouTube Partner Program requirements. Also, once you do meet these requirements, you won’t directly get into the partners’ program.

So if you find your channel to be eligible for YPP, go ahead and apply for the YouTube partner program today! Also, learn everything you need to know about the new YouTube policy!