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How To Increase YouTube Stream Viewers

How to get viewers on YouTube live stream? Steps To Promote Your Live Streams To Get More Leads

Videos dominate today’s digital world, and live streaming has given many creators on YouTube the opportunity to grow their channel and earn on YouTube simultaneously. The goal behind live streaming is to interact with your audience on a personal level by getting in front of the camera and talking to them directly.

As a creator, it is difficult to get a thousand YouTube stream viewers in the first go. However, the numbers will increase as your video content starts catching your viewers’ attention, and this requires some serious time and effort. This blog will help you understand the benefits of live streaming and how you get more live stream viewers on YouTube.

Benefits of Live Streaming on YouTube

Benefits of Live Streaming on YouTube

Creators, brands, and businesses today need to include live streaming as a part of their content marketing strategy. You can use live stream to engage with your audience in real-time during launch events, digital conferences, webinars, Q&A sessions, and many other virtual events.

Amidst the pandemic, Live streaming has seen an upward marketing trend in 2021. With the world under lockdown, many brands and businesses use live streaming to connect with their audience and continue achieving their goals. Videos help grow your audience tremendously, and with YouTube at your fingertips, it couldn’t get any easier.

Many creators have monetized their YouTube channels by using live streaming in the best way possible. With views pouring in, you can become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program and start earning easy money on the platform. Moreover, once your channel hits a high subscriber count, you can collaborate with brands and sponsors to make more money as well.

How to stream a video on YouTube?

How to stream a video on YouTube

If it’s your first time streaming a video on YouTube, here’s how you can do it. Of course, you will first have to verify your YouTube account since the setting is disabled by default.

To verify your YouTube account:

  • First, enter your country code and phone number.
  • Then, use the six-digit verification code to complete the process.
  • A create “+” button will now appear on your YouTube homepage.
  • You can use it to “Go Live.”

If you are using this feature for the first time, please note that it will take 24 hours to enable this feature. Learn more about live streaming and how YouTube Live Stream Metrics works.

How to Get More Live Stream Viewers?

How to Get More Live Stream Viewers

Promote your broadcast

To bring in more YouTube stream viewers, it is important to generate some excitement among your audience. To do so, you need to promote your live stream on all your social media handles. For example, you can create stories or use a countdown to keep your viewers engaged. Choose a unique hashtag and add it to all your posts and stories.

Attract your audience

Besides your video content, you can attract your audience through your video’s title, description, and thumbnail. You would want to phrase some fantastic titles and descriptions to make your audience want to click on your video. Note down a few options and choose the top 3. Include long-tail and complementary keywords that would fit in organically.

Use teasers

You must have certainly come across teasers of movies and TV series by now. You need to do the same with your upcoming live stream video. Take snapshots from your video and turn them into GIFs, short clips, etc. Look for meme-worthy content and get your audience to engage with your content.

Reward your viewers

One way to bring in more viewers is to reward them for the value and support they bring to your channel. While it need not be expensive gifts, a tiny gesture is enough to gain your audience’s loyalty. Some creators give away coupons, raffle tickets, while others surprise their viewers with a simple phone call. You can choose whatever suits your budget.