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Tips to get YouTube Sponsorships for small channels

How do small YouTubers get sponsors? How to Get YouTube Sponsorship for Small Channels (Easy)

Getting YouTube sponsorships for small channels already sounds difficult. If you’re a YouTuber and want to grow your YouTube channel you should read this blog till the end as I am going to explain three steps that you need to follow to get YouTube sponsorship for small channels.

  1. First Step: Prepare before applying for sponsorship
  2. Second Step: How to get your Sponsorship for Small YouTube Channel
  3. Third Step: The types of YouTube sponsorships available

Steps to Get YouTube Sponsorships for small channels

As mentioned above let’s go through the guide step-by-step to understand how to get sponsored:

Prepare before applying for sponsorship on YouTube

YouTube’s terms and policies: Since you have just started your YouTube channel you need to be cautious about YouTube’s terms and conditions. You cannot afford to upload content that violates YouTube’s terms and policies. Brands that offer sponsorship will not be interested in getting associated with the one who does not respect YouTube’s policies.


Maintain the quality of content: This is one of the most important factors that the sponsors consider before offering sponsorship. The sponsors will check the content that you have uploaded to understand if you’re capable enough to sponsor the products, services, or brands.

Add contact details: Add your email ID to your channel description so that the sponsors can contact you. Adding an email address to your YouTube channel displays that you are interested in receiving business or business queries.

How to get your Sponsorship for YouTube Channels

Get in touch with the YouTube Sponsorship platforms: Famebit, Grapevine, and Content Blvd are some of the platforms that will help you gain sponsorships on your YouTube channel even if it is small in size.

Contact companies directly: Research and find out companies that will be interested in offering Sponsorship for Small YouTube Channel. You can write a mail to the company and share your interest to partner with them. It is necessary to stand out from the crowd and keep your content as unique as possible. Since companies receive partnership requests from other YouTube creators too.

Attend exhibitions and events: Events and exhibitions are the best places where you can get in contact with sponsors. You can speak to other YouTube creators and learn tips from them to get brands. Also, you can directly reach out t brand managers in events and exhibits. This usually gives you a huge platform to reach a maximum number of people.


The types of sponsorship available

Affiliate sponsorship: In this type of sponsorship you need to post links and promo codes in your video description and promote the products and services. You do not receive returns directly, the sponsor company decides the returns on basis of the products you have sold through your links. You can earn 15% of every campaign you get on Veefly.

Product sponsorship: If you want to earn money through product sponsorship, you should promote products or services that you genuinely use. This will help you to build trust between you and your customers. Also, keep in mind to promote products that are relevant to the niche of your channel.

Paid sponsorship: You need to promote and advertise the products of the brand in your videos.

Concluding thoughts

Sponsorship for small YouTube channels is a bit challenging. Therefore, you really need to promote quality content and post consistently to stay ahead of the competition on YouTube. I’m sure these tips will help you to get sponsorships for your YouTube channel.