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Top 5 Ways To Improve YouTube Ranking

How do you increase your YouTube ranking? 5 YouTube optimization tips to improve your video rankings

Have you ever wondered how that one video trended on YouTube so quickly? And how about those cravings to get more and more likes on the content that you uploaded? Well, if your answers are in affirmation, then you’re reading the correct article.

Firstly, let’s talk about YouTube Ranking. The term pretty much describes itself to the point. It refers to the video ranks in search results on YouTube. So, to ensure that your content is the next best thing on the internet, let’s discuss the top 5 ways to improve your YouTube Ranking.

How To Improve YouTube Ranking?

Here are some tips that you must use if you want to buy subs for YouTube and grow your channel which will eventually help you improve YT ranking:

Customize YouTube Thumbnail

customize youtube thumbnail

Ask yourself this question: “Why did I click on that YouTube video?” You’ll get two main answers—the title was enticing, and that small preview or image on the video seemed promising. We’ll discuss the prior in the next point, but let’s see why thumbnails are so important.

Sometimes, the content is too good, but the publisher loses their views to poor thumbnails. That’s one thing you should cross off on your list. Creating visually appealing thumbnails entice the audience to view your video. You can create the thumbnails using Canva, Photoshop, and many more tools available for free.

Keyword-rich title and description

keyword rich title and description

A good title is a key to an even better reach. As already told, the title of the video speaks a lot about the content. Video description, on the other hand, is equally important.

A keyword-rich content means using smart SEO keywords in your title and description so that the search engine displays your video in a higher ranking. Also, the title must be precise, and the description should be just up to the mark to get more views.

Quality content to Improve YouTube Ranking

quality content

What does ranking have to do with quality content? Everything! Nowadays, the audience is smart; therefore, you must be smarter to generate quality content. It goes without saying that your first few videos will contain some rookie mistakes, but you must grow with each video.

To ensure quality video content generation, you can run a little online research and study your competitors’ channels. The better the quality of your content, the better will be the ranking and audience’s response. You know what they say… good content is difficult to find, so create one!

Watch-time Analytics

watch time analytics

Watch time is a significant analytic for YouTube’s algorithm. This is because the algorithm decides which videos need to be promoted and suggested to the audience. Hence, the videos’ watch time is one of the major factors of ranking videos.

If most people watch only a few seconds of the particular video, the algorithm will not recommend that video. Whereas, if the viewers are watching 95% duration of a video, the algorithm pushes it and suggests that video more, ultimately resulting in its higher ranking. Thus, the more watch time engagement on your channel, the better will be the rankings of your uploaded videos.

Share your videos to boost YouTube Ranking

share your videos

Always share the link to your YouTube videos on various social media websites to ensure better reach. Promoting your content on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more social media site will help you gather more traffic on your YouTube channel and create backlinks to improve ranking on YouTube.

The backlinks are the traffic generated on YouTube from the links shared outside of YouTube. Therefore, when the algorithm observes more links from the outside, the ranking of the video increases. So, make sure to share your videos without fail.

Well, that’s it! Make sure to make a flawless blend of these five tips, and your next YouTube video can be the next best thing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the SEO score on YouTube?

YouTube SEO Score is the metric that shows how effective SEO strategies are and how well they have helped the video rank in the organic search on YT.

Q2. How do I increase my YouTube search?

Here are some ways to increase your YouTube search and buy YouTube views organically:

  • Add compelling thumbnails to your videos
  • Offer subtitles in the maximum number of languages you can
  • Search right keywords
  • Include keywords in the title, description, and tags
  • Add end screens

Q3. What is a ranking factor?

The vital ranking factor on YouTube is the amount of time people spend watching your videos, also known as the watch time.

Q4. What are the quality ranking factors?

Views, subscribers, engagement, and audience retention are some of the quality ranking factors on YouTube.