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What Do You Mean By YouTube Retract Claim?

Submitted a wrong copyright claim by mistake on YouTube? Here's how you can retract it.

YouTube retract claim is related to the copyrights policies created by YouTube to protect the content creators from safeguarding themselves from someone else using their content. We will explain YouTube retract claim in detail and tell you how to deal with it. But first, let us start with the basics.

Rules Of Copyright – YouTube Retract Claim

The first rule of copyright is that nobody can claim a YouTuber’s content as theirs without permission. Therefore, creators should only post videos they created or are authorized to use. That means they shouldn’t upload videos they didn’t make or utilize content in their videos that someone else has the copyright to, such as music tracks, excerpts of copyrighted programs, or videos created by other users, unless they have the appropriate permissions.

What Is YouTube Retract Claim?

A copyright owner may change their mind or realize they’ve mistaken content after submitting a copyright takedown request. When this occurs, the copyright owner can retract their allegation of infringement. This is called a YouTube retract claim.

Retractions will end the copyright strike for the person who uploaded the removed work. A retraction will bring the content back on YouTube unless the uploader has removed it.

What Is The Process To Retract The Copyright Claim On YouTube?

If you have claimed copyright on someone’s YouTube video by mistake, you can easily remove it by going to the retractions page. Where you need to send an email to copyright@youtube.com. Stating a false copyright infringement claim was made mistakenly.

The email should be sent from the same account from which you submitted the copyright infringement claim or the takedown request.

Your email should contain the following information to process the retraction.

1. The statement of retraction:

Your retraction email should strictly start with “I at this moment retract my claim of copyright infringement.” Google or YouTube will only process the retraction of the takedown request. They can not accept retractions of only the copyright strike, such as “I retract my copyright strike.”

The Process To Retract The Copyright Claim On YouTube

2. Type the correct video URL: 

This is a crucial part of entering the correct URL of the video. The format of the URL should be www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxxxxxxxx.

3. Copyright owner’s electronic signature:

This should contain your legal first and last name at the end of your email. Your company name will not be accepted.

Google also receives copyright claims on the profile pictures on YouTube channels. To retract a copyright infringement claim on a profile picture, you must reply to the email confirmation you got when you submitted your original profile picture takedown request. Include a retraction statement in your reply, such as the above sentence.

Copyright owner's electronic signature

What Happens When You Submit The Copyright Retract Claim?

When a copyright holder submits the retract claim on YouTube the platform will restore the video’s takedown and remove the copyright strike from the uploader channel. However, YouTube cannot restore the content deleted by the uploader during the copyright infringement request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are We Allowed To Retract The Copyright Claim On YouTube?

Yes, as copyright holders, you may come across a situation where you might mistakenly charge a user on YouTube for copying your content. In this case, YouTube allows you to retract the copyright claim. All you have to do is email the YT platform with the statement and the video URL.

Q2. How Long Does It Take To Retract A Copyright Claim?

YouTube usually removes the copyright strike from the uploader’s channel after 90 days. But if the copyright owner requests a retraction of the claim, YT immediately acts on it.

Q3. How Serious Is It To Get A Copyright Claim On My Channel?

Once you get the copyright strike on your channel, you won’t be able to monetize your videos. Additionally, you won’t be able to live stream. Three copyright strikes result in the termination of your YouTube channel, and you won’t be able to create another channel.

Q4. What Should I Do To Not Get A Copyright Claim On YouTube?

If you do not want to get a copyright claim on YouTube, use the royalty-free music available on various websites. Or, if you’re going to use the music created by an artist, your can ask for permission to use it and give the due credit to the artist.


So now, if you have claimed a false copyright infringement, you can quickly request to retract the claim on YouTube. All you have to do is send an email to copyright@youtube.com to submit the required details correctly. Once your request is submitted, YouTube will restore the removed content and remove the copyright strike from the uploader’s channel.