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What Is YouTube Search Insights?

Learn how to get access to the all new YouTube Search Insights tool.

As a creator, how amazing would it be if you knew what your viewers were looking for based on the videos they watched on your channel? We’re sure this information can encourage you to scale your channel even faster than you thought. YouTube search insights is a brand-new feature introduced by YT to tell creators what exactly their viewers are looking for. Let’s take a deep dive into this powerful tool, which is almost like a cheat sheet, to get your YouTube audience insights.

YouTube Search Insights- What Is It?

The world’s largest video-sharing platform has been silently rolling out a feature called YouTube Search Insights over the past few months. It provides a detailed analysis of what your audience is searching for across the platform, along with specific search queries. Many creators have missed noticing it, and chances are you have, too.

Currently, in its testing stages, this feature can show the search data for a month for users from the United States, Australia, India, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Many YouTubers will find this tool very helpful because it is a gold mine of crucial insights that can help you curate content tailored to the needs of your target audience.

Let’s see how you can access this brilliant YouTube audience insights tool.

Where Will You Find YouTube Search Insights?

Get access to the search insights on YouTube using the following steps.

1. Log in to YouTube Studio on your Desktop.

2. Click on ‘Analytics‘ in the left menu.

YouTube studio

3. Click on the ‘Research‘ tab at the end of the menu options under the analytics tab.

YouTube search insights tool

4. Viola, you have landed on the YouTube search insights tool.

How To Use The YouTube Search Insight Tool?

Once you are on this search insight tool, simply follow these steps to maximize the potential of audience insights.

1. Use the search bar on the YouTube insights tool to type a term of your interest. Based on the specific keyword you entered, you will also see a list of relevant terms popularly searched on YouTube, along with its search volume.

2. Click on the ‘see all‘ button in the right corner. You will see all the terms your viewers search for when surfing YouTube.

3. There’s a menu named ‘Content gaps.‘ The results under this menu indicate that viewers are not getting what they want when searching for that term.

4. It also indicates that the video content is either outdated or low quality, thus not meeting the needs of your target audience.

5. The content gap can help you identify growth opportunities and generate content ideas to make outstanding videos. It is the magic potion of search terms that can help you get noticed in an ocean of content.

6. You can also explore viewers’ search terms, trends, and searches across YouTube based on the search data collected from users who have watched and interacted with your content.

7. The YouTube search insights tool also provides a bookmark feature, which allows you to save certain keywords to the ‘Save‘ tab.

This is how you can extract insights, fuel your creativity, and optimize your content efforts to enhance the viewing experience of your target audience.


Isn’t the YouTube search insight tool worth a try for you as a content creator to discover the loopholes in the content available and create a better version of it? This high-quality content will help you buy YouTube views and expand your subscriber base. Although this feature is currently accessible to users from specific locations, YouTube is constantly working on initiatives to roll this feature out in other regions. YouTubers can now rely on this feature provided on the platform, apart from other YouTube Analytics tools, to get access to crucial audience insights rather than hopping on to some other third-party apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do the research cards depict on YouTube search insights?

You can see the popular terms searched in your niche, related recent videos your audience has watched, and content gaps.

Q2. What is the significance of Content Gaps?

A content gap happens when;

  1. Viewers cannot find an exact match for their search results.
  2. Viewers cannot find relevant videos based on their searches.
  3. Viewers cannot find any results for their searches.

For a YouTuber, content gaps are like gold mines of information and insights that generate creative content ideas tailored specifically to their audience.

Q3. Is the YouTube Search Insight tool free to use for all creators?

Yes. Regardless of your channel size, you can use this tool for free to grow your channel.

Q4. Can I access this tool on a smartphone through the YouTube Studio app?

Yes. You can access this YouTube audience insights tool on YouTube Studio on a smartphone.