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Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Make YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face. Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face in 2024.

Many individuals aspire to be successful YouTubers and learn how to do it. However, many of them are too shy to appear in YouTube videos. So, we have compiled a list of videos you can try on your YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

There can be several reasons why creators want to make money on YouTube without showing their faces. For example, some creators are hesitant to be seen on YouTube because they are afraid of being judged and shamed by their friends and those who know them, while others may have other issues with being seen on YouTube.

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

You may launch various YouTube channels that do not require you to show your face. Of course, some need more technical expertise than others, but if you’re serious about making YouTube videos without revealing your face, here are a few YouTube video ideas without showing your face.

Compilation Videos Of Memes

Many viral YouTube channels create videos by combining footage from other videos. So, you typically need something original to work, such as commentary. Reposting another person’s video can result in a copyright strike or a lawsuit from the copyright owner.

Unboxing And Product Reviews

Product unboxings or reviews are another sort of video you may make without being on camera that can be used on any channel. With such videos, you can make money without showing your face.

Channel ideas without showing face

An unboxing video is a recording of you opening a package, inspecting what’s inside, and capturing your first response to viewing the object. While unwrapping things, you may record simply your hands and your comments.

Examples of unboxing and product reviews are games, software, mobile apps, service reviews, etc.

Live Commentary For An Event

Another type of YouTube video that has recently gained popularity is live commentary from live events (like soccer or cricket.)

For example, during the Super Bowl, you could offer commentary on YouTube Live, and people would just listen to you while watching the game.

How-To YouTube Videos Without Showing Face

People have an insatiable need to learn new things. YouTube is an excellent teaching and learning tool. You can make how-to videos that don’t need you to reveal your face if you have a skill or aptitude that others are interested in.


You can make podcasts if you don’t want to reveal your face in YouTube videos because the main content is primarily in the voice. So, first, create a podcast channel for any topic that interests you. Then, you can capture the complete audio and upload it to YouTube using a static picture.

YT channel ideas without showing face

Cooking Videos

One of the best YouTube ideas without showing your face is to make cooking videos. You can create fantastic cooking films without showing your face if you display your ingredients, focus your camera on the gas or oven, and show your viewers combining and stirring things with only your hand.

YouTube channel idea

Travel Vlogs

Travel is one of YouTube’s most popular categories. You can make vacation videos without exposing your face if you enjoy traveling. Choose your camera, shoot gorgeous photos of the locations you visit, and edit a stunning film. If you like, you may also incorporate drone footage.

YT channel ideas

Gardening Videos

One of the best niches for faceless YouTube channel is to start a gardening or plant care YouTube channel. Making vlogs and videos on houseplants and how to care for them is a great place to start if you’re passionate about nurseries. Some examples of such topics include low-maintenance plant varieties, methods for growing herbs indoors, plant propagation, etc.

Book Club And Summaries

If you are a book junkie, you can start by recommending different genres of books and discussing the best books. Summarizing books in your videos could get you a lot of followers, as many individuals do not have time to read a whole book. So, a book club can turn out to be one of the best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

DIY Craft Videos

The Do-It-Yourself craft videos can attract young followers to your channel. You may make fantastic DIY videos with materials you already have around the house, therefore reducing your environmental impact. Many people may be motivated to recycle and cut down on waste because of this.

Finance & Investing

Providing investment advice is a highly sought-after niche for those with the necessary expertise. You have the power to inspire and motivate your followers to save money by sharing your knowledge on various investment vehicles, such as mutual funds, SIPs, the stock market, retirement plans, and more. The significance of saving may be conveyed to the audience.


You can make YouTube videos by playing games without revealing your face and identity. All you have to do is play games, screen record while playing, add some voice over and that’s it. You can make different videos for your viewers, like tutorials, compilations of different games, etc.


So, we hope the list of YouTube channel ideas without showing your face helps start your own YouTube channel with confidence. In addition, if you want to boost your channel’s rating, increase views, likes, and subscribers, and monetize your channel, you can buy YouTube views from a reliable YouTube marketing firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can I Be A YouTuber Without Showing Your Face?

Ans. Yes, you can be a YouTube content creator without showing your face. You can start by recording tutorial videos, wherein you would be only required to show your hands occasionally.

Q.2 What Type Of YouTube Videos Can I Make Without Showing Your Face?

Ans. There is a lot you can do as a YouTuber without showing your face. Some examples of video creation are product unboxing videos, how-to and DIY videos, hosting audio podcasts, etc.

Q.3 What Is A Faceless YouTube Channel?

Ans. The whole idea is not showing your face in front of the camera. You can make relaxing music videos, recommendation videos, travel vlogs, etc.

Q4. How Do Faceless YouTube Channels Make Money?

Faceless YouTube channels can also monetize their channels by creating high-quality, engaging videos. Similar to other channels, these channels are also required to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program by obtaining at least 3000 public watch hours in the past 12 months and having 500 subscribers.

Q5. Do faceless YouTube channels get subscribers?

Yes, there are many YouTubers who do not show their face on their channel but have become popular because of their content. If you create quality content, then you can buy YouTube subscribers easily