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YouTube Content ID Claim – Beginner’s Guide

How does Content ID work on YouTube? An Introduction To YouTube Copyright

YouTube is exceptionally serious and strict when it comes to copyright. A copyright infringement may lead to the demonetization of your video or an ultimate ban on it. However, there’s nothing to worry about if you follow YouTube’s copyright laws and take measures while making and editing your video.

Well, below is a step-by-step guide you can take if you get a Content ID claim.

What is a Content ID claim?

What is a Content ID claim

Firstly, the Content ID claim pretty much explains itself. It means that YouTube has identified content on your channel that someone else owns. For instance, a song or a clip used with the owner’s consent. Also, the owner of that content can monetize your video and keep the ad revenue for themselves, or they can block your video on YouTube, either fully or partially.

Content ID claim is usually the first warning that you get regarding copyright infringements. So, be careful enough to make your video and re-watch it a few times to avoid copyright infringement. In recent times, even singing a copyrighted song can get the creators a Content ID claim.

What to do next?

When you get a Content ID claim, you can manage to resolve the issue based on its aspect. However, the actions may vary depending on the aspect of the copyrighted video. What works for a video clip doesn’t necessarily have to work for a piece of copyrighted music in simpler terms.

You can trim out the image or a clip that is claimed to be copyrighted. In fact, YouTube Studio explicitly has a tool that will help you trim the claimed content from your video. Also, bear in mind that any ad segments or info cards will also be directly removed along with the trimmed part.

On the other hand, you can swap or mute the audio if the claim is related to music. Well, YouTube Studio has an option for that, too! You can mute that particular part of your video. However, if you do not wish that part to be completely silenced, you can swap it with another track that does not hold any copyrights. Moreover, there is an option to share the monetization of the video with its original owner.

How to dispute the Content ID claim?

How to dispute the Content ID claim

Sometimes, the work may be your original work, and you can deny the Content ID claim on it because it doesn’t infringe on YouTube’s copyright law. In such a case, you can dispute the claim after thoroughly reviewing your content. However, if you choose to do so, it is prudent to seek legal advice.

The copyright holder will get back to you within thirty days once the dispute has been filed. Firstly, the Content ID claim will be removed if they release the claim or let it expire. Secondly, if the owner disagrees with your dispute, they can either submit a copyright takedown request or uphold the claim.

Finally, if the owner’s request is approved, your video will be removed because of copyright infringement laws. If you go the legal way, make sure you have all the legal information.

In short, avoid using copyrighted materials in your videos to avoid Content ID claims. And, if you do get the claim, try to resolve it as soon as possible and save the monetization of your YouTube channel.