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Tips To Maximize Your Ad Revenue Earning Potential on YouTube

How do I maximize ad revenue on YouTube? How YouTube Ad Revenue Works

Firstly, the most advertiser-friendly content on YouTube is the one that holds more potential to gain ad revenue earnings. Well, even the brands have a certain amount of expectations from the content on YouTube as they pay for them. So, not just following the advertiser-friendly content guidelines but also knowing how to use them to your advantage is of paramount importance.

Wondering how to maximize those ad revenues? Here are some top-notch tips!

Ways To Grow Your Ad Revenue On YouTube

Before we understand how to grow your ad revenue on YouTube, you must ensure that you have 500 subscribers and 3000 watch hours according to the YPP to get monetized on YouTube. Buy subs for YouTube and try these hacks to make more money from YT:

Choose accurate titles and thumbnails

Choose accurate titles and thumbnails

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover!’ Well, that statement doesn’t apply here because the audience judges a video by its title and thumbnail! Based on that, the audience will click on your video and watch it. Therefore, accurate titles and thumbnail selection are important, as the audience understands what to expect from your content.

Secondly, it’s not crucial that your title and thumbnail have to give away everything! You can still manage to build mystery and have titles and thumbnails that remain truthful. So, to maximize that ad revenue, you must successfully get enough views.

Upload family-friendly content

Upload family-friendly content

The advertisers need to generate more money and to do that, they must gain the attention of a wider audience without any age barrier. Thus, the more age-friendly your video content, the better the chances for it to be advertiser-friendly. So, while scripting your video, make sure that it is interesting enough for the adults and appropriate enough for the kids.

Avoid making bad choices

Avoid making bad choices

Now that you know the importance of a family-friendly script, accurate titles, and visually appealing thumbnails, let’s talk about why not to break that blend and how it can affect your reputation.

Nowadays, being careful with your content is extremely important. Why? Firstly, gone are the days when the audience wasn’t considered smart. Secondly, clean content that doesn’t offend any community is always the best.

For example, if you use a title and a thumbnail that doesn’t describe your content well, the audience will not trust your future content. Moreover, the usage of false information and visuals will also affect your reputation in the eyes of the audience and creators.

So, to maintain your reputation and create advertiser-friendly content, you must avoid making bad choices and keep your content strong and uniquely meaningful.

Use smart keywords

Use smart keywords

Ever heard the saying that in order to win a game, think like your opponent? Well, that’s exactly what you should do here, except that the advertisers are not your opponents, but you have to win them over!

It’s time for you to select an accurate title and description of your video. Now, think about what words an advertiser may use to get more audience. Then, use those keywords and blend them perfectly with your video’s title and description. In order to find those keywords, study your competitor’s channel. You can watch more monetized videos and read their titles and descriptions to find out common keywords.

Try different income streams

As a content creator on YouTube, you might be making money through the YPP; here are some other sources of income that you must consider:

  1. Create your own merchandise products.
  2. Promote products through affiliate partnerships.
  3. Find sponsorship deals from brands.
  4. Explore Patreon and donation options.

Establish your subscriber base

You will only be able to earn income from other sources if you have a decent subscriber base. If you have a follower base, they will support you through platforms like Patreon or attend your virtual events. So, therefore, you must buy YouTube subscribers through organic means.


So, your ad revenue earning potential on YouTube can be maximized if your content is advertiser-friendly and follows YouTube’s guidelines along with a perfect combination of the tips mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I increase my revenue on YouTube?

Here’s how you can increase your revenue on YouTube:

  • Become a part of the YPP.
  • Sell your merch
  • Make sponsored content
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Get donations and funding from your fans

Also, buy YouTube views organically, so you can earn money from YouTube through the YPP.

Q2. Do nonskippable ads pay more?

Non-skippable ads must be viewed at least for 30 seconds or half the length of the video, only then creators earn money.

Q3. What is the rule for YouTube revenue?

You need to have 3000 watch hours and 500 subscribers within 12 months on your channel, only then you will be eligible to earn YouTube revenue.

Q4. Which ads pay the most on YouTube?

Compared to the other ads, Skippable ads pay the most on YouTube.