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YouTube Tests “Hiding Dislike Counts” On Videos

Do not want the world to show who hates you?

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has been updating and enhancing its features to better its user experience. In 2021, YouTube has more than 2 billion users uploading thousands of hours of videos every minute. YouTube creators know the importance of every view, like, dislike, and subscriber on their videos and channel.

Recently, along with other updates, YouTube announced that it would be testing an important change on its platform. Like every update, this will also go through a trial phase to see if it works well with the platform’s user interface. This latest update states that YouTube will try hiding the dislike count on all videos from public view.

The platform isn’t getting rid of the dislike button but simply hiding the count from the audience. Users might come across a new design for a while as a part of the experiment conducted by the platform.

This is what YouTube’s tweeted on Twitter:


How does this affect YouTube creators and viewers?

YouTube creators need not worry about this update. Although their audience cannot see these numbers, creators have access to this data through their YouTube Studio account. YouTube introduced the dislike button to help YouTube’s algorithm understand an individual’s taste on the platform or for creators to use this information to improve their content. But lately, many users have been using it to advance their agenda or to troll creators.

For new creators on YouTube, learn how to use Youtube Studio through your beginner’s guide.

For viewers who are a part of this experiment can like and dislike the videos but cannot opt-out of the test. They can provide YouTube with their feedback which the platform will note.

How to increase likes on your YouTube videos?


YouTube creators know how important it is to get likes on their videos and how dislikes can degrade their content’s value and ranking. When a user dislikes a video, the algorithm makes sure no similar videos are recommended to that user in the future.

Here are a few tips that will help you get more likes and views on your YouTube videos.

  • Write eye-grabbing titles
  • Add custom thumbnails
  • Lure them with your video descriptions
  • Add trending and relevant hashtags
  • Understand your audience through YouTube Analytics
  • Engage and interact with your audience
  • Organize your videos using playlists
  • Optimize your YouTube videos and channel
  • Promote your videos on different platforms

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