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How to Make Good YouTube Videos Using Smartphones

How to become a YouTube star with just a Smartphone - Tips on recording professional video with a smartphone

Videos are taking over the content world. Mobile phones with a great camera and the capacity to record top-notch video are not, at this point, hard to track down. Pro YouTubers are now using their phones to create excellent video content and finding new ways to use it innovatively. Let’s look at the benefits of using a smartphone to record YouTube videos:

  • Smartphones are universal and are always on us. Due to its compact nature, it’s easy to carry around and perfect for spontaneous use.
  • Since both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) mobiles have dozens of apps at their disposal, editing becomes much easier and faster, and these videos can directly be uploaded to YouTube.
  • With every model being launched, smartphone companies are now focusing on camera quality and giving their customers exactly what they want, which is much cheaper than professional cameras.

Follow these 4 tips to record YouTube videos using smartphone.

Top 4 tips for creating YouTube videos using your smartphone

4 tips for cretaing YT videos using smartphones

Good lighting

Lighting has a colossal effect on phone cameras since they have small sensors and focal points. Record your videos in bright areas and have a lot of natural light, which will help you avoid any shadows in your footage. Avoid pointing your camera at the light directly, or you will end up with a lot of overexposed footage. You can control the lighting and focus on your latest phones with a tiny setting option that appears on your screen.

Stay steady

Users on YouTube do not appreciate shaky videos. You need to keep your camera as stable as possible while recording. Always use both hands while recording or invest in stabilizers, tripods, or stands that will help keep your phone still. Smartphone stands aren’t expensive, and having one will help you while recording long videos.

Audio quality

Imagine creating a great video with poor sound quality? All your efforts have now gone down the drain. It is challenging to get great audio quality through smartphones since their built-in smartphone don’t have a great range. You will have to try and shoot at places that aren’t noisy or too windy. For professional shoots on a budget, it’s best to have another spare phone solely for audio recording purposes. Today, many apps help you insert audio once the video is shot and edited; you can opt for this option too.

Use video editing apps

If you did not know this earlier, let me clarify that any footage uploaded on your channel needs editing. With Playstore and Appstore within your reach, there are hundreds of apps that can edit your videos quickly and help you add transitions, effects, and music accordingly.

To make your videos appealing, this is an important step that every growing YouTuber needs to follow. If you are confused between the many apps available online, here a list of the “Top 5 Mobile Apps to Create Best YouTube Videos.” In this blog, you can also learn how to edit videos that have already been uploaded within the apps’ settings.