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H2O Delirious Gamer – Fame, Allegations, Dating, Kids (Updated)

How long have Liz Katz and delirious been together? Are Cartoonz and delirious related?

Are you aware of delirious gamer? The gamer is known to stir with his out-of-the-box humor and hidden face. Not to forget, he wears a pretty cute mask and seems alluring in a unique way! The content that he creates includes video games and chit-chatting with his friends!

How Did Delirious Gamer Get Famous?

delirious gamer

Jonathan, who is famous gaming YouTuber, is from North Carolina. He is always on the news for his psychotic laugh! Who wouldn’t love listening to someone lose all his mind and misspeak funnily?!

Also known to have a large group of friends, he is always on the go for collaborations. From playing the famous video games to just pulling his friend’s legs, you will find all sorts of entertainment on his channel! YouTube gamer delirious also includes solo gameplays where he is seen floofing around the game tag.

delirious gamer

People also love and admire his innocent nature, where he sometimes gets clueless about the game. Resonating as a kid, he also gets scared at tiny jump scares, which is amusing to watch alone!

After his devious laugh, he has also set high standards for being among the platform’s unique names! To our surprise, he is still using the same mic to set another rule – Utilize the asset until it’s not an asset anymore! The intentional lousy voice can be a reason because of his mic.


delirious gamer

H2o delirious Xbox gamer tag is also a part of controversies and fake allegations. On May 23rd, 2021,  conflicts occurred between his friends and fellow YouTuber Ohmwrecker. The famous YouTuber stated that he went through the after-effects of a nasty prank. The allegations made news saying he sent a text to an underaged girl before his YouTube career took off.

  • The mysterious incidents led to youtube gamer delirious getting curious and excited.
  • Delirious goes tricked by his friends, who later reveal that the girl is also a part of the prank!
  • He later revealed that the girl was apparently 17 at the time. This caused Delirious serious trust issues with his friends.
  • When Delirious posted about the situation, Marcel openly admitted to being one of the friends who tricked h2o delirious Xbox gamer tag.
  • Taking responsibility for it over the years, he apologized to Delirious

Is Delirious Dating Liz?

H2o delirious YouTube gamer is dating his fellow cosplayer, Liz Katz! People did not know at the very start Because the couple decided to keep the relationship a secret. But as secrets are not in shadow for long, their dating is now sealed through Twitter posts! 

Does H20 Delirious Have A Kid?

delirious gamer

On September 29th, 2020, delirious gamer confirmed the birth of his and Liz’s daughter on Twitter!


We hope that we have managed to clear all your doubts about delirious gamer! Be sure to check out more about other YouTube gamers as they provide you a good revenue!

Frequently asked question

What is H2O Delirious real name?

Jonathon, better known as H20 Delirious, is a famous name in the YouTube gaming community. You can check out his videos on YouTube!

Who is delirious dating?

Delirious YouTube gamer is dating his fellow cosplayer, Liz Katz! People did not know at the very start Because the couple decided to keep the relationship a secret.

How old is H20 Delirious?

The famous gamer is around 34 years of age.

Is CaRtOoNz dating delirious sister?

As of now, there is no solid proof of Cartoonz is dating H20’s sister or not