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Filming Room: Top 5 Low Cost Ideas

How do you make a filming room? How do I make a video studio in my room?

Are you a YouTuber, and you are falling short of the filming room! Well, this is the most common dilemma faced by young YouTubers nowadays! The reasons can be plenty, such as low budget; maybe you are just too busy to develop a YouTube filming room idea! So, we are here to your rescue as we will provide you some of the best low-cost filming room tricks that will help you in the long run!

Is Filming Room Really Necessary?

Equipment for filming ideas

The first thing you want to figure out is if you really need room to film. If the honest answer is yes, we will proceed with the following solutions!

The basic start-up you need are as follows:-

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Microphone
  • Lighting
  • Video and editing software

When you are packed and ready with the above-listed requirements, you are good to head over to stage two, which will help you get more YouTube views.

What Are Some Of The YouTube Filming Room Ideas?

Nature Background

Recording Video in Nature For Filming Ideas

Nature has never left to amaze us! Therefore, if you live somewhere where you can find lush greenery, take advantage of it! Not only it is the most cost-effective, but it also helps you gain peace and calmness while filming the video! When you are ready for an outdoor experience, get your camera handy too! 

Home Record Your Videos For A Great Indoor Filming Room Idea!

Room For Filming Bedroom

You can always record videos from your bedroom! All you need to do is a little bit of customization here and there. You can also include a little flower vase or some fairy lights in the filming room ideas if you have a little flower vase! Small wall holdings and photo frames also work great as a YouTube background setup! These are ways you enhance your home recording with no extra cost!

Backdrop Kit For DIY Studio

Filming Ideas With Green Screen

Green screens are the best and most affordable option out in ten open. They can also be used as a portable studio, ready on your finger click!

An Alternative Option For Lighting

Lighting for filming room

Ring lights are the most used equipment used in-home projects. The only drawback is that they may get a little expensive! This is where you can get the DIY lighting to use! You can find the best lighting at the local DIY stores! Many YouTubers use this option as a replacement for the expensive studio.

The Theme Of The Video Can Help You Determine The Filming Room

Ideas for filming room in kitchen

Did you know that you can actually make up YouTube filming room ideas by observing your niche? For example, if you are a YouTuber who deals in cooking, you can turn your kitchen into a YouTube studio! Or, if you are a painter, you can sit on a terrace where you will have enough room and record the masterpiece coming into existence!

Traditional YouTube Studio

Filming room ideas

The traditional YouTube filming ideas can help you with a huge budget! If you are bored of filming room ideas, you can try your hands at all professional gadgets! You can set this up in any spare room available at your home. The best trick for an everlasting professional studio would be coloring your walls white with shades of grey. Not only does this look classy, but it also grabs some attention from your viewers! You can also use some creative ideas, such as an old lamp or a curtain with beautiful embellishments!

How Do I Make My Room Good For Filming?

You can follow the below-listed steps for the best small space YouTube studio!

  • The room you choose needs to be quiet and well-lit
  • You can try to make your room a little soundproof. If that is not possible, consider investing in soundproofing microphones
  • The backdrop should be pretty and simple. Not too flashy or too dull. Just the perfect mix of sugar and spice

What Makes A Good Video Background?

video backdrop ideas for a better filming

Deciding the perfect background can seem a little bit daunting! But a simple and effective rule will help you alter the negatives!

Neutral colors go well with video aesthetics! You can try having some shades of navy blue, light grey, and soft white. If you like experimenting, try out lighter shades on the color palette!

What Backdrops Do YouTubers Use?

The most famous material for filming room ideas are as follows!

  • Crushed velvet material
  • Glitters can help you seem cheerful and uplifting
  • Chiffon is also an excellent material for backdrops!


We hope that we have succeeded in providing you the filming room tips. While you start filming, be sure to have your hands on the best camera and software equipment that will help you in the long run. Making good-quality videos will help you buy YouTube views organically and grow your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are Some YouTube Video Ideas?

You can make videos depending on your interest such as music or dancing or podcasts!

Q2. What Does A YouTuber Need?

When you start with indoor filming, you will need durable gadgets such as a camera, microphones, and tripods. You can also learn how to make good videos using smartphones. 

Q3. Which Topic Is Best For YouTube?

There is no such h thing as the best topic. You can make videos on whatever topic you are comfortable with!