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How To Use Your Viewer Demographics To Grow Your Channel?

Want to create videos that appeal to your target audience? Understand your Viewer demographic data.

As a YouTuber, are you looking for top hacks to create irresistible content for your target audience? Well, the crucial insights gained from your YouTube channel demographics is the key to unlocking the true potential of your target market. The information can help you create video content specifically geared to impress your target audience and increase the odds of converting them into subscribers. Let’s dive deeper to know how you can use your YT channel audience demographics to support your channel growth.

Using YouTube Channel Demographics To Boost Your Channel

Looking at the data from YouTube channel analytics, you can build a precise persona of your ideal target audience. Let’s explore the detailed steps to use your audience demographics information to grow your channel.

1. Start With The Basic Audience Demographics Data

‘You should always start with the fundamentals’ is a popular saying. We recommend analyzing the basic data to know your viewers better. It includes:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Usage time
  • Top Subtitles

Knowing your target audience’s age, gender, and viewing location gives you a better context to understand their behavior while watching your channel videos. You can compare the data month by month to see the significant changes in your channel’s main demographic over time.

2. Discover Other Content Watched By Your Users

Discover content your user watches

Your viewers interact with other content as well when browsing through YT. You should have a firm understanding of how they engage and interact with other types of content so that you can include similar elements in your content.

You will find this data under the audience tab in:

  • Channels your audience interacts with
  • Content your audience watches

3. Look For What Your Audience Wants

Now that you have the basic data of your YouTube channel audience demographics and a glimpse of their browsing behavior, research in-depth and look for content that your main demographic audience watches the most. Consider the nature of your content and compare it with those that your viewers watch and engage with. You can use this data to find inspiration for your own channel, look for captivating thumbnails, and explore potential collaboration opportunities. Discover the missing loopholes and fix them when crafting new content.

4. Make Videos That Compels Viewers To Subscribe

Getting consistent views on your YouTube videos is crucial to increasing the average watch time on your videos and building a loyal subscriber base. You need to maintain a balance between attracting new viewers and encouraging old viewers to keep coming back to your channel. Analyze the videos that help grow your audience on your YouTube channel. You can do this by looking under the videos growing your audience panel. Observe the content in these videos closely, and you will come across a list of ideas that turn new viewers into repeat viewers.

You can also see videos that attract the most subscribers and jot down the ideas to create better content. The new content should appeal to the needs of the ideal persona of your target audience.

How To Check YouTube Channel Viewer Demographics?

Here’s how you can find the demographic data of your YouTube channel audience.

1. Go to YouTube Studio and click on Analytics in the left navigation bar.

Go to YouTube Studio & Click on Analytics

2. Under Analytics, select the audience tab.

Click on Audience to see viewer Demographics

That’s it. You can discover the number of unique viewers, returning viewers, their age, gender, top locations, and the number of new subscribers.


Your YouTube channel demographics data can be the gateway to discover the strategies to make the best of your content and increase monetization opportunities. With consistent practice, you can learn to use YouTube analytics effectively to create valuable content that compels your viewers to keep visiting your channel. Once your video ranking improves, viewers are more likely to discover them in search results and explore your YT playlists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I grow my YouTube channel Audience?

Execute the strategies stated below:

  • Optimize your YouTube channel profile.
  • Research the right keywords and content ideas
  • Create top-notch engaging content around those keywords
  • Optimize your video title, and description and add relevant hashtags
  • Create captivating thumbnails
  • Organize your playlists and promote your channel

Q2. Will creators get notified if I view their YouTube analytics using third-party tools?

No. The competitors are not notified that you’ve watched their channel performance if you use any of the third-party tools. Besides, your competitors won’t be aware even if you extract insights from the audience tab in your YT analytics dashboard.

Q3. How can I use YouTube analytics tools to get the best results?

We recommend taking the following steps to make the most of the YouTube analytics tool.

  • Monitor your YT analytics regularly.
  • Look for patterns in the data
  • Brainstorm to create content better than your competitors
  • Explore potential collaboration opportunities to grow your channel audience

Q4. Which is the best YouTube analytics tool to know more about the target audience?

YouTube Studio is the most robust analytics tool available that gives useful data to know more about your channel demographics. Although not needed, you can explore third-party YouTube analytical tools like SocialBlade and VidIQ.