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Tips To Avoid YouTube Demonetization

Be aware of these tips to avoid getting your channel demonetized.

Did YouTube suddenly demonetize your channel? Or maybe, you prefer to be overly cautious and want to know the tips to avoid demonetization of your YT channel. In this article, you will learn how to not get demonetized on YouTube and consistently make money by producing high-quality content.

YouTube has the power to demonetize your channel if your content doesn’t meet its quality guidelines. There could be multiple reasons like copyright infringement, video hosting rules, breaching its content policies, or showing controversial content. Creators lose the ability to receive income from either a video or an entire channel.

How To Not Get Demonetized On YouTube?

Understanding YouTube channel monetization policies and advertiser-friendly content rules is the key to preventing your YT channel from getting demonetized. We have listed the top 11 ways to avoid demonetization of your YouTube channel.

  1. Keep A Diverse Collection Of Videos
  2. Consistently add value to Repurposed Content
  3. Avoid being spammy or deceptive
  4. Stay away from hate speeches
  5. Avoid showing sexual content
  6. Stay away from controversial issues or sensitive topics
  7. Say no to inappropriate language
  8. Don’t show criminal activities
  9. Consider the safety of young viewers
  10. Stay away from cyberbullying
  11. Avoid showing graphic violence

Let’s dive further into the details of each.

1. Keep A Diverse Collection of Videos

Post diverse collection of videos

We strongly advise to avoid creating repetitive content. According to Adsense program terms, you cannot post multiple videos with no recognizable differences. Explore your topic or niche in depth but produce content that differs from each other to a certain extent. Variety helps in attracting a larger audience segment and getting more views to your YT videos.

2. Consistently Add Value To Repurposed Content

Including media like images, songs, or short video clips that don’t belong to your channel can attract copyright claims from YouTube. If you want to reuse someone else’s content, make sure to add some unique value to repurpose it and then publish it on your channel. For example, you can add if you are resuing gaming content, you can add commentary to bring a fresh perspective to the original events or narrative.

3. Avoid Being Spammy Or Deceptive

Spamming YouTube videos

Viewers don’t like YouTubers who mislead or trick them into visiting deceptive sites or comments. If you run scams online or try to redirect your viewers to a misleading website after watching your content, YouTube can demonetize and suspend your channel permanently. It is one of the most important factors you must know when learning about how to not get demonetized on YouTube. YouTube’s support page will guide you further on ways in which your content can appear to be spammy for your viewers.

4. Stay Away From Hate Speeches

Your channel is very close to getting demonetized on YouTube if your content incites violence or hate against specific sections of society. YouTube has stringent policies to curb content with hate speeches and offensive words. Be careful of the words you say and type in your content, regardless of your niche, since it may attract legal penalties from YouTube if it comes under the radar of offensive content.

5. Avoid Showing Sexual Content

You definitely have a high chance of getting your channel demonetized if the content focuses on nudity or unclothed physical intimacy scenes. There could also be a possible channel termination. YouTube wants to provide a positive and healthy video viewing experience to its users and cannot tolerate sexual fetish content in any format like video, images, audio, or text.

6. Stay Away From Controversial Issues Or Sensitive Topics

According to YouTube’s terms, videos on topics that may be unsettling or result of human tragedy can attract demonetization of your channel. For instance, YouTube considers controversial content as something around suicide, self-harm, domestic abuse, eating disorders, etc. It is best to stay away from such topics. There is no dearth of topics in other trending niches, and you can always use your creativity to bring out something original regardless of the competition in your niche.

7. Use appropriate Language To Avoid Demonetization On YouTube

Use appropriate language in your videos

One wrong word in your content, and you may lose all your revenue-making sources on YouTube. Using vulgar words in your videos can get you into trouble and increase the odds of getting your channel demonetized. We recommend to thoroughly think about the words you will say in your video and in your video title and descriptions. We advise keeping profanity to a minimum in your videos.

8. Don’t Show Criminal Activities

Posting illegal activities like sniffing drugs, smuggling firearms, unethical hacking, and other criminal activities is also a big no if you don’t want your channel to get demonetized on YouTube. Refrain from uploading criminal activities that glorify dangerous acts and can result in channel demonetization or, worse, permanent suspension.

9. Consider The Safety Of Young Viewers

Safety of Young viewers

The population of young viewers is increasing at an exponential rate, and many young viewers tend to watch YT videos for educational and entertainment purposes. YouTube emphasizes its safety and wants to provide a happy viewing experience to the young generation. So, next time you create content or find your channel closer to getting demonetized, keep in mind the safety of young viewers and produce content that amplifies the viewing experience of the young YT audience.

10. Stay Away From Cyberbullying

A significant number of Americans have faced some or the other from of unacceptable behaviour online. Cyberbullying has become a rampant issue these days, with name-calling and threats becoming the most common. However, if you want to know how to not get demonetized on YouTube, first and foremost, stay away from cyberbullying. Don’t threaten anyone through your videos or enter racial slurs in comments. Cyberbullying is severe harassment and can lead to demonetization of your channel.

11. Avoid Showing Graphic Violence

Don't show graphic violence

You can bring your channel into the limelight and risk getting it demonetized on YouTube using gruesome visuals. If you include general violence, blood scenes, gory violence, war footage, or explosions in your videos, YouTube has the right to ban your channel and demonetize it permanently. We recommend keeping your content free from violence and fit for watching for different audiences irrespective of niche.


This is all about how to not get demonetized on YouTube. Being mindful of the YT advertising policies and staying away from negative elements is the key to sustaining your monetization on YouTube. Besides, you can also dive deeper into selecting the top content categories if you are beginning your YouTube journey. Ask yourself, is the video a documentary or a news update? Have I included copyright material in my content? This way, you can measure the context and intent of your videos and make them free from attracting any demonetization penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Demonetizating YouTube channel also mean my channel will get suspended?

No. YouTube first only demonetizes your channel. But if the content violates YT advertising terms, it can even suspend your channel.

Q2. What words does YouTube Demonetize?

Using abusive language in the first 7 seconds or repeatedly throughout the video can get your channel demonetized on YouTube. Also, content with strong forms of profanity can result in the demonetization of your channel.

Q3. Will YouTube pay me after the Demonetization of my channel?

Once YouTube demonetizes your channel, ads won’t be displayed on your video, and you cannot earn any revenue from it. Besides, YT may even ask you to pull down offensive content from your channel.

Q4. How to know if a video is demonetized On YouTube?

You will observe a red icon next to your video if it is demonetized by YouTube. The red icon indicates that the video is not eligible for monetization due to a severe breach of the platform’s guidelines.