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Creators Increases Their Content Privacy With “Members Only” Feature

Get full control over your content now!

Have you ever thought of sharing content with just your subscribers? You may want to make a private announcement to your members or something. But you know that’s impossible because once you upload the video or short, it is available to everyone. What a hitch, right? Well, not anymore. YouTube is putting its heart out to introduce the creator’s dream feature: a members-only feature. And now that it’s on hand let’s learn more about it.

YouTube Rolls Out Members Only Feature To Creators


The giant video-sharing platform adds a members-only feature to its monetization features: YouTube shorts. This feature lets creator share the content with their subscribers.

The feature is introduced for YouTubers who want to upload content just to show their subscribers. It gives creators full leverage to decide whom to show their content to. You can use it to make a private announcement, Q&As, behind-the-scenes clips, and clips of upcoming videos.

Creators can make use of the feature while uploading their YouTube shorts. They just have to select the members-only option under the visibility option. The platform also lets you edit the existing shorts and make them “Members only” so that they are accessible only to the YouTube channel’s members.

When we thought of implementing this feature, sadly, we couldn’t access it on our devices despite the latest version. So, it seems like the members-only feature has yet to be published. If you cannot see it under the visibility option, upgrade the application and see if you can get it later.

If you are a viewer, make sure you have a YouTube channel membership of your favorite creators. Otherwise, you will miss the personal content.


YouTube members-only feature is a good start for giving creators control over their content and deciding whom they want to see it. You can easily access the members-only feature under the visibility option at the last step while uploading YouTube shorts. Remember that the feature is only for shorts and not for long-form videos.

Using the feature may diminish your ad revenue due to the lesser reach, but it is certainly a good feature to make the private question and answer session or announcement.