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YouTube Is Testing New Skip Ads Feature On The Platform

Here's everything you need to know about YouTube skip ads.

If you’re searching for the Skip Ads button on YouTube and can’t find it, you might think you won’t be able to skip the ad. But that’s not the case! The platform has just redesigned the button. With the new update, the YouTube Skip Ads button is just going to get compact with a sleek curved edge. Since the platform has announced to provide a cleaner and more lively user interface, they started by redesigning the skip YouTube ads button. Here’s everything you need to know about the revamped YT Skip ads button.

YouTube Skip Ads Button Is Getting Redesigned

Yes, YouTube has confirmed it is redesigning a smaller Skip Ads button, which is yet under trial. The new CTA button to skip ads will have the following features:

  • The text ‘Skip Ads’ will appear smaller in size.
  • The background for the button will have reduced opacity.
  • No capital words in ‘Ads.’
  • The skip Ads button will have a curved border.

Redesigned YouTube Skip Ads Button

With a revamp, the YouTube Skip Ads button will still be located at its original position.

There are two major reasons why YT is updating the skip ads button:

  1. Firstly, YT is majorly concentrating on creating a lively user interface.
  2. Another objective of revamping the skip ads button is ensuring that YouTube users watch advertisements longer. This will generate higher view rates and increase reach and conversion for the advertisers.

Noticing it, Google ads expert Thomas Eccel shared his thoughts about the feature on X (formerly Twitter). Here’s what he has to say:

skip youtube ads button

YouTube users are now questioning if the platform plans to extend the duration of advertisements.

Even with the reduced size of the skip ads button or the increased durations of the ads, you don’t need to worry, as you will still be able to remove YouTube ads.


Earlier, the users were forced to watch the first five seconds of the video, and then the skip option popped up. The feature is still in the testing phase and will be rolled out gradually. With this new feature, YT is definitely exploring new ways to increase revenue. This is also an advantage for advertisers to appeal to the audience.