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Advantages Of YouTube For Education

Have you tried learning from YouTube videos? Here's why you should start.

YouTube has become the go-to source for billions of people. The platform covers every need, from entertainment to YouTube for education. When talking specifically about education, it is no longer limited to classrooms and textbooks. Learning outside an educational institution is possible, thanks to YouTube.

Many students rely on these educational videos on YouTube and use them as study material to complete many certifications. Through this blog, you’ll see why people lean more towards YouTube for education and being a YouTuber and how an educational channel can pave your career path.

Benefits Of Using YouTube For Education

There are plenty of benefits to using YouTube as an educational platform. Here are some significant advantages of using YouTube for education:advantages of learning from youtube


Lower Educational Costs

The primary reason YouTube is gaining popularity among individuals is that it is significantly cost-effective. Anyone can access videos on YouTube; hence, learning has become accessible and more manageable. One does not necessarily have to enroll in any educational institution to study on YouTube. Students to adults, anyone can search for any topic they like to explore for free.

YouTube has made online education on budget, making loads of people study more from YouTube. In addition, people can find courses offered by many universities and educational platforms on YouTube.

Abundance Of Educational Material

There are approximately 800 million videos on YouTube, making it the largest video-sharing platform in the world. Hundreds of educational channels post educational videos daily. There is no doubt that any topic is left with no explanation. On top of that, one gets several explanations of the same concept, making learning convenient.

There are a variety of visuals and methods that reduce the complexity of the subject. Practical knowledge outside the textbooks is also available on YouTube for better understanding.


Another significant benefit of using YouTube for education is that it can be done anywhere. Knowledge is no longer limited to four walls and a textbook. One can take classes from whether it’s their mobile devices, tablets, or laptops. You can watch these videos on the run without getting affected or pausing your learning.

Also, many educational videos on YouTube are short, 10 minutes or less. Since these videos are short and talk about particular concepts, it’s easier for learners to grasp. This mobile way of learning has made education fun for many.

Interactive Sessions

YouTube allows learners to learn better through visuals. These videos act as an interactive segment where theories can be clarified better. Visual learning has always been more influential on learners’ minds as what we see is remembered faster. Through graphics and animation, YouTube learning is getting popular among many.

No Limited Knowledge

Not only do students come to YouTube for educational purposes. Even mentors and teachers learn from the platform. Many use YouTube training videos for competitive exams and certifications. In addition, these videos act as a plentiful supply of study material and problem solvers.

Many new freshers who have joined a university recently can learn about their campus and college on YouTube. In addition, they can also visit their universities’ YouTube channels to learn about their culture and education system.

Global Learning

One of the benefits of YouTube for students is that students from diverse cultures and backgrounds can connect and collaborate on projects. Globalization expands students’ perspectives, and they learn something new from others in the group. The exposure that students receive exposure to different languages and cultures. Additionally, the students also get an opportunity to build global networks.

Engaging Format

A prominent feature of YouTube in education is the format of the online learning sessions. Along with regular online sessions, students participate in Q&A, discussions, group debates, quizzes, etc. It allows the students to revisit complex topics by engaging in discussions to better understand the topics.


Along with the other YouTube benefits for students is the stimulation of creativity. The engaging and interactive sessions boost creativity outside the step of classroom learning. One of the most significant advantages of YouTube in education is that YouTube learning is not just limited to academic subjects. It results in practical skills enhancement via projects.

Why YouTube Learning Videos Are A Good Idea?

As for students, we understood that learning from YouTube is highly beneficial. However, for YouTubers thinking of flourishing in this field, this niche is the one they can focus on. Furthermore, since more and more crowds of students are moving to the platform for better learning, there’s a great scope to buy YouTube views engagement organically.

As a YouTuber, if you think your potential is not based on teaching on your channel, you can still start an educational channel. For example, you can create animated videos with voiceovers or experimental videos that make learning fun. Moreover, you can even do storytelling or simple slide presentation videos that are short yet informative.

To begin with, here are some channels you can refer to to better understand this niche.

Top 5 Best Learning Channels On YouTube

Be it a learner or a YouTuber who wants to understand more about YouTube education channels, these are some of the best educational channels available on YouTube:

SmarterEverday -This channel is one of the most popular channels, with more than 11M subscribers, that teaches about science uniquely. The channel teaches science through experimentation, which is very engaging to watch. What’s more exciting is that the creator of this channel, Destin Sandlin, is a former rocket scientist and engineer, so his way of teaching is liked by many.

TED-Ed – You might have heard of TED Talks; TED-Ed is an educational platform by them. In addition, this channel provides learners with short, interactive videos, and the animation clears the concept very well. The content is creative and of the best quality, keeping viewers engaged.

Khan Academy – This channel, launched by Sal Khan in 2006, is popularly known for its practice exercises, personalized learning dashboards, and instructional videos. Moreover, they mainly focus on students from kindergarten to high school. This channel is best for mathematics, science, and humanities.

Veritasium – The creator of this channel, Derek Muller, posts videos of various experiments that make learning very fun and yet, at the same time, easy to understand. He brilliantly explains everything science to his viewers even though he mainly explains physics topics mostly.

AsapSCIENCE – This channel is created and run by two science graduates dedicated to answering that always remain unasked or unsolved by students. The main topics of discussion are science, music, and philosophy.


Ultimately, it’s best to say that YouTube for education purposes, is the best platform. Learners learn for free, and that too in a very engaging way. If you’re a budding YouTuber who can contribute to this field, it’s the best niche to flourish quickly with the proper practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I use YouTube for only studying?

You can install the Chrome extension of YouTube Focus Mode from the Chrome Book. This allows you to select the video you like to see and hides or blocks videos from other categories.

Q2. How effective is YouTube learning?

The platform has been proven a powerful tool for students as it connects academicians to learners through a digital platform by delivering interactive and engaging content that makes learning fun.

Q3. Why are YT videos good for learning?

YouTube videos are good for learning as students get more interested in experimental or visual teaching as it seems more exciting to learn. Another plus is that these videos can be watched anywhere without disrupting learning.

Q4. How Much YouTube Pays For Educational Videos?

Educational videos generate different amounts of revenue based on a few factors. However, educational videos come fourth in the highest CPM rates on YouTube, with a rate of $9.89.

Q5. How Can Educators Use YouTube Effectively In The Classroom?

YouTube in education can be effectively used in the following ways:

  1. It can help supplement learning. Teachers can explore various sub-topics that can be covered in the curriculum.
  2. Teachers can explore YouTube videos that can make a classroom session fun and exciting. For example, history class can be made interesting through visual concepts that can bring boring concepts to life.
  3. Instructors can use YouTube in education as a resource of a vast library to create their own playlists and customize their lessons by creating a YouTube channel that students can access anytime and rewatch YT videos.

Q6. Can YouTube Be Used For Distance Learning And Online Courses?

Yes, teachers can use the feature of YouTube Live to conduct online learning sessions.