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Upgrade YouTube Shorts Creation With New Tools

Here's a list of new tools that YouTube will be rolling out gradually!

The YouTube Shorts creation with new tools is just going to get fun and interesting, which will help creators to expand their creativity levels. From a new set of remixing tools to transforming videos into Shorts, there are features that all content creators are looking forward to.

Here’s what content creators can expect with the YouTube Shorts creation with new tools feature.

List of New Tools For YouTube Shorts Creations

Here’s a list of YouTube Shorts creation with new tools that will help YouTubers to enhance their Shorts and reach out to new audiences and communities:

Remix With Collab

Collaboration is a new feature that YT introduced that will enhance your remix shorts. While creating Shorts, YouTubers can record a side-by-side short video with another video or Shorts. Also, there are multiple layout options with a split-screen format.

To create a collab, all you have to do is tap ‘Remix’ and then ‘Collab’ to remix with any Short or Video that’s eligible for remixing.

Remix With Collab on YT

Add New Stickers And Effects

YouTube has added various stickers and effects to help creators to enhance their Shorts and their way of engaging with their viewers.  One of the new stickers YT is rolling out to the collection of stickers is the Q&A sticker. With this, creators can ask their audience and get responses in the comments.

At the same time, creators can now reply to comments with a Short. This will inspire whoever you want to give a shout-out to create content.

Add New Stickers And Effects On YouTube

Get Discovered On YT Shorts by Streaming Live

This is probably one of the most awaited features as YouTube is now testing a mobile-first vertical live experience. With this, viewers can discover creators in the Shorts feed.  In the testing phase, some users will see previews of vertical live videos mixed in the Shorts feed.

This will help creators to connect with new audiences and communities through live sessions. Creators need to ensure its vertical orientation, and features like Super Chat, Super stickers, and channel membership will also be available.

YouTube will also be introducing a full-screen experience to all viewers in the upcoming months gradually.

Streaming Live on YT shorts

Transform Your YT Videos To Shorts

YouTube is also undergoing a test for new recomposition tools that will help creators easily transform their horizontal videos into YouTube Shorts.

Once the creator selects the video they want to remix, they will be able to adjust the layout, zoom, and crop the video segment.

Add Shorts to YouTube Playlists

Another interesting feature is the option to save Shorts to playlists on YouTube. Everyone can now collate their favorite Shorts in a playlist on YouTube.


These are some upcoming features that YouTube will roll out in the upcoming months. With YouTube Shorts becoming eligible for monetization, these upcoming features will help the creators to grow their channel easily.

With YT Shorts, you can reach your target audience faster. Also, if you want to climb the monetization ladder faster, you can buy YouTube views for Shorts from promotion services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are Shorts creation tools?

Some creators can use the Shorts camera in the YT mobile app to record, edit, and post Shorts. YT has also introduced some new features that include remixing by collaborating, streaming live on YouTube Shorts, and new stickers and effects.

Q2. Do YouTube Shorts make money?

Yes, you can make money from YouTube Shorts if you have 500 subscribers and three million Shorts views in the last 90 days, along with 3 valid public uploads.

Q3. Does YouTube Shorts have an editor?

Yes, with the latest updates, you can now upload, edit, and publish your Shorts using the YT app.

Q4. How do you use Shorts creation tools?

Open the YouTube app and tap on the plus icon to create a Short video. Once you record the video, you can use the remix option to collab with another short or video. You can also add various stickers and effects to enhance your Shorts.