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YouTube Experiments With AI To Summarize Video Summaries

Get a quick summary of the YouTube video before you watch it with this new feature!

YouTube plans to make it easier for its viewers to discover more videos through AI video summaries. Along with the various new features, YT now plans to experiment with AI that will help viewers quickly understand the content of the video and further decide whether they want to watch the video.

Here’s everything you must know about the new AI YouTube video summarize feature.

YouTube Is Testing AI-Generated Video Instream Summaries

Google is starting to test AI tool to summarize YouTube videos soon. But this will only be viewable to a limited number of users and videos in the English language. Since this feature is yet in the testing phase, YT is working on building and refining it to deliver the best experience for the viewers and the content creators.

YouTube AI To Summarize Video

These summaries for the video will appear on the videos YouTube watch and search pages. This will offer an overview of the video’s content to the viewers without even replacing the existing description that is included by the content creators.

Once the AI tool to summarize YouTube video feature is developed, it will get a wider rollout. When the feature is introduced, it will be interesting to see how it will impact the YT content creators. This new feature will have a wide effect on the content creation ecosystem. It also may seem that it will help promote video on YouTube and bring engagement as viewers are more likely to watch shorter videos than 20 minutes long.


The AI YouTube video summarize feature is going to help the viewer to discover the video they want to watch. It is liable to increase the number of views and subscribers on your videos. However, as a beginner, you can also look for promotion services to buy YouTube views. This feature won’t replace the human-written description. YT has been working on a lot of features that also include bigger previews of videos for their viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What website summarize YouTube videos?

Some sites that summarize YT videos include Reccap, YouTubeDigest, Readwise, and Chat YouTube.

Q2. Can GPT 4 summarize YouTube videos?

Unfortunately, GPT 4 is not capable of summarizing YouTube videos by watching them.

Q3. How do you turn a YouTube video into a summary?

To turn a YouTube video into a summary, you need to have an extension of YT. But soon, YT will be launching an AI YouTube summarize feature that will help all the viewers to know about the videos before they choose to watch the video.