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YouTube’s Enhanced Bitrate Option For 1080p Is Here!

Get your hands on the latest new addition for crisper video quality.

YouTube’s enhanced bitrate option for 1080p is now available for all Premium desktop users globally. The platform was testing for this feature with limited users and now has successfully launched it for all web users. But unfortunately, only for premium users.

What Is YouTube Enhanced Bitrate 1080p?

In April of 2023, YouTube launched “enhanced bitrate” 1080p for all Premium members on iOS. This gives the viewers the highest video quality that is crisp and more appealing. But wait a minute, did you just see the “Enhanced Bitrate” option on YouTube’s desktop version without being a Premium user?

Well, yes, the YouTube enhanced bitrate 1080p feature is available, but only for some users.

YT launches enhanced bitrate

Who Can Use The Enhanced Bitrate Feature?

If you open YouTube on Chrome and try changing a video’s quality, you may see the “enhanced bitrate” option under 1080p Premium in the video quality settings. However, when you click on it, you will be asked to become a Premium member. So even though all YouTube viewers can see this option, only Premium users are able to use it.

What Does YouTube Enhanced Bitrate Do?

Now that you have heard so much about the advanced bitrate, aren’t you curious about what this actually does? For starters, you know this for sure changes the video quality. However, in more technical terms, advanced bitrate allows videos to have better compression. This reduces the pixelation of the video, especially in videos with low lighting.

So if you’re a premium user with an improved bitrate, you’ll see all these videos in much better quality on your desktop.


YouTube Premium is launching and making several improvements on the platform to make the viewing experience for its users better.  With all said and done, without this enhanced bitrate alternative, viewers on YouTube still get a high-quality viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What bitrate does YouTube use for 1080p?

YouTube bitrate ranges anywhere between 8Mbps to 10Mbps.

Q.2 Is it good to increase bitrate for Youtube?

Increasing the bitrate will improve your video quality but also enhances the audio quality of the video. So if you increase the bitrate, in short, your overall video quality will get better, which is good.

Q.3 Does increasing bitrate increase quality?

High bitrate gives better quality, while low bitrate gives out low-quality video. So increasing the bitrate does increase quality.