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How To Upload Album To YouTube?

How do I upload a music folder to YouTube? How do I make an album on YouTube?

Are you ready with the original masterpiece and are wondering how to upload the album to YouTube? Well, we can understand! It takes time and effort to develop ideas, phrase them rhymingly, and create the melody! But there can be a few drawbacks while you make a binding choice of uploading the same on YouTube! If you are curious to know what are they and how you can make them for you, be with us till the very end! So without any further delay, let’s start with how to upload the album to YouTube!

What Are The Steps To Upload The Album To YouTube?

steps to upload the album to youtube

The last and final step of any music creation is finding an eligible source to put them out. With the most prominent social media on your command, you may feel the last doubt is eliminated, and unfortunately, this is not the case. But before that, let’s understand how to upload the album to YouTube!

  • Visit the same site and click on your avatar. Select upload from the same option.
  • Once you start with the process, you will see a bar that will direct the ongoing uploading process. The files supported can be in FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, and WMA format.

Can You Upload The Full Album To YouTube On The Mobile App?

Upload The Full Album To YouTube On The Mobile App

Although you may wonder how to upload an album to YouTube from mobile, it’s not possible. Although with the help of a desktop, you can ace up to 100,000 songs to your YouTube music library!

How To Manage Your Uploads In YouTube Music?

Manage Uploads In YouTube Music

You can get a hold of the following in the below-listed steps!

  1. Head over to the library
  2. Songs
  3. Tap on uploads
  4. That’s it! The steps were so easy, right!

Should I Upload My Album To YouTube?

You might face this question, and we are set ready to tackle the same. Take a look at the cons of YouTube music! While YouTube has its perks, the perks cost some sacrifice.

Earnings are a little bit slow.

Upload My Album To YouTube

Let’s get real. If you think of being an overnight household name, it’s impossible. The process takes up some time and can test you with times that seem never-ending. This is the reason why it’s always a good idea to buckle up with the realization that your income from YouTube can be little to nothing at the start. You still use ads and other YouTube marketing strategies, but it will take time.

Piracy can spoil your mood.

Searching alone about how to upload the whole album to YouTube isn’t enough. You need to keep a keen eye on the piracy subject too. Your music can be easily converted into MP3 format without your permission! Aim to make music your brand; your fans will want to buy the music legitimately!

Pros of sharing your album on YouTube

The line between pros and cons is pretty minimal. While there are risks, like you would face anywhere, it also comes with some pros!


share your album to youtube

Do you want exposure? If the answer is an instant yes ( we don’t mind a delayed yes too), YouTube is the perfect place for you. Winning more than a billion users, YT will eventually manage you to end up your space with some exposure. 

Music search engine

Music search engine

YouTube is the top choice as far as music is concerned. If you get displeased by the cons, maybe you are just missing out on tremendous opportunities! Be sure to hook on the advantages!


We hope that we have successfully solved your queries regarding upload the album to YouTube! Music goes hand in hand with marketing, so make sure you keep the seo and keywords in check!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.1. How do you add an album to a playlist on YouTube?

Follow the below-listed steps to know how to upload an album to YouTube.

  1. Launch YouTube Music app on your Android device
  2. Search the album you want to add
  3. Tap on the menu button next to the album
  4. From the pop-up menu, select Add to playlist
  5. Choose the playlist or create a new one

Ques.3. Is it hard to make an album?

You have to learn more about how to curate and arrange sound; music production, on the other hand, is pretty easy to master even though it will take some time to learn as it takes time, effort, and energy to get good at it!

Ques.4. How many songs do you need to make an album?

When you make an album, you have to make sure that your music length is more than 30 minutes, including seven songs each.