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YouTube Includes More Ad Formats For video Reach Campaigns

Presenting YouTube's new ad formats to maximize your reach!

Months ago, YouTube introduced new campaigns like VRC and VVC to help creators broaden their audience reach using different ad formats. According to notable companies like Samsung, both ad campaigns proved to be extremely helpful in enhancing brand awareness among potential customers. Now, YouTube has upgraded its Video Reach Campaign by including two more valuable ad formats. Read further to discover those to improve your channel’s visibility.

YouTube Adds Two Remarkable Ad Formats To Video Reach Campaign For Efficient Reach

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VRC is an AI-generated tool that has now scaled to in-feed and shorts, allowing marketers to reach their target audience with a single ad campaign. The primary reason for upgrading to VRC ad formats is to optimize your channel with practical strategies and enhance user engagement.

Since viewers are more likely to watch YT shorts due to their increased accessibility and short attention spans, it’s easier for marketers to reach a broader audience base. Recent testing of these ad formats has delivered 54% more reach and 42% cost per thousand impressions compared to the in-stream ads and other ad formats.

Video Reach Campaign offers other ad formats: instream ads, skippable, bumper, and non-skippable. These ad combinations, along with in-feed ads and shorts, can boost your online presence and maximize your channel’s reach like no one else.

Marketers are offered two options to reach their potential customer base through the Video Reach campaign: Efficient Reach and Target Frequency. 

Efficient reach helps marketers attract more users to their channel by using a combination of ads in a Video reach campaign. In comparison, the target frequency type enables you to address your message to the specific market segment.

How Long Are YouTube Ad Formats?

Ad length is based on the format you use for your videos. However, YouTube suggests keeping the ads up to 15 to 20 seconds in length to engage the audience till the end.


Video Reach Campaign assists in delivering more efficient and cost-effective brand exposure. Creators who dream of growing their channel faster must opt for such campaigns to leverage the benefits of multi-ad formats. These campaigns with different ad formats ensure that you convey your message and reach your audience effectively.