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YTP Meaning: What Is YouTube Poop?

Wondering what YouTube Poop videos are? Here’s all you need to know about them.

Many viewers are still confused about what is YouTube Poop or what YTP means. As vulgar as it sounds, YouTube Poop does not mean what you think it means. Instead, it’s simply a genre of YT where video creators make video mashups by collecting clips from famous cartoons and games and making a compilation or a video meme.

This trend has existed since the beginning of YouTube, and SuperYoshi created the first video in 2005. So to know more about YouTube Poop (YTP), keep reading below.

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YTP or YouTube Poop is a mixture of various short clips edited into one big video. This involves rearranging the videos so that the sentences, when joined, make a joke or characters say something vulgar intended to be a joke. In addition, the videos can be repetitive to recall a joke or add puns.

This is an unofficial video category on YouTube that fans love. And the YTP video creators are called “Poopers.”

The Origin Of YTP

As mentioned, the first video was uploaded by the video creator SuperYoshi in 2004 on a different website (Now called Sheezyart) since YouTube didn’t exist back then. Later it was uploaded on YouTube and quickly gained popularity. Today the video has 466k views on YouTube, whereas the channel Super Yoshi has 5.2k subscribers.SuperYoshi YTP video image 1

The video was created on Windows movie maker, and it is a compilation of different episodes of the episode from the Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3. A cartoon adaptation of the popular Nintendo game.

The real intention of the video creators to make YTP videos was to confuse the viewers. But instead, some viewers found them funny, and they quickly became popular. So, to be honest, we would say the YouTube Poop videos have bizarre humor, but not everyone would find it funny.

The Modern YouTube Poop Videos

Nowadays, YTPs are less dubbing and more using advanced techniques such as word splicing and cutting the words from a video to completely change them and make them sound different from the original. Also, unlike before, only Super Mario Bros was a popular way of getting content for YTP videos. Today the compilations are made from all kinds of content available online.

What Are The Popular YTP Videos?

Here are some of the popular YTP videos on the platform that you must check out:

  • TheMasterPoop – known for his Harry Potter YTP series
  • Kitty0706 – cartoonist
  • Deepercut – known for his Mario and Sonic YTPs
  • Stegblob – known for his Mario and Sonic YTPs
  • Kajetokun – original uploader of the It’s Over 9000! clip
  • Captpan6 – known for his various YTPs since 2007
  • DaThings – known for her multiple YTPs
  • Paperking99 – known for uploading various YTPs in the mid-2010s
  • cs188 – known for his YTP on PSY’s “Gangnam Style”
  • EmpLemon – known for his YTP “The UNcredibles”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are The Most Subscribed YouTube Poopers?

Here’s the list of most subscribed YouTube Poopers or YTP YouTubers.

  1. FlyingKitty 3.32M
  2. Schaffrillas Productions 1.55M
  3. Peppa Pig Parodies 1.39M
  4. EmpLemon 1.11M
  5. Bosh 1.08M
  6. Roscoe McGillicuddy 815K
  7. Kitty0706 586K

Q2. What Are The Common YTP Editing Techniques?

The Common YouTube Poop video editing consists of the following elements:

  1. Freezing – Freezing a particular character in the middle of the video to emphasize the reaction.
  2. Reversal – Reversing the part of the video to make it look funny.
  3. Sentence mixing – Rearranging the sentences from the content to form new lines.
  4. Sus – Reversing only a word in the video and inserting an image of the actual word.
  5. Bleeping – Adding a censor sound for random or vulgar words in the video.
  6. Distorted Audio – extending or reducing the bass of certain words to make them sound deep and distorted to add a funny effect.

Q3. What Is The Earliest Example Of YouTube Poop Videos?

While it’s not really a YouTube video, the earliest example of a YTP is in 1938, in a cartoon show called Daffy Duck in Hollywood. In one of the episodes, the main character Daffy Duck visits a film studio where he collects reels of different movies and creates a new movie called “Gold” altogether.

Q4. What Are The Popular Phrases From The YouTube Poops?

Some Of The popular phrases from YouTube Poops’ most popular clips:

  1. “MAMA LUIGI?! *laughs*”- Mario
  2. “That’s MAMA Luigi to you, Mario!”- Luigi, Super Mario Bros.
  3. “Gee, it sure is boring around here!”- Link, The Legend of Zelda CD-i.
  4. “My booooy.”- Old man, The Legend of Zelda CD-i. (Usually pronounced “Mah boiiii.”)
  5. “Or else you will DIE!”- Ganon, The Legend of Zelda CD-i.
  6. “And YOU gotta help us!”- Luigi, Hotel Mario.


Here’s your answer to the question what is YouTube Poop, and what does YTP mean. However, today no one is creating YTPs anymore. This is because the YT poop videos were later considered as copyright on YouTube, so YouTubers have stopped making them as they contain too much risk. But people still create videos of such kinds and upload them on other social media sites.