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YouTube Not Working On Roku – Solved!

Are you getting errors to watch YouTube On Roku? Here’s how you can fix the issue using these 5 errors.

Roku Tv is an excellent alternative to watching all online content. But sometimes, it can be that some apps like YouTube do not work on it. So to fix YouTube not working on Roku, you might have to try a workaround. For example, when YouTube stops playing on Roku, you’ll be prompted in several ways, like the app won’t launch, and you won’t be able to log in or watch videos.

Even if the program was functioning normally, these problems might appear randomly. However, here is a list of fixes you can try to fix YouTube not working on Roku issue.

Why Are YouTube And YT TV Not Working On Roku?

If your internet connection has problems, you might get an error saying YouTube is not working on your Roku. Remember that the YouTube channel on Roku won’t function at all if YouTube is offline. In addition, if your Roku device’s software hasn’t been updated, apps like YouTube might not be accessible. But if you still cannot figure out why YouTube is not working on your Roku device, here are 5 fixes you can try.

1. Slow Internet Connection

This can cause YouTube on Roku issues. If your Wi-Fi internet connection is sluggish, for example, you could experience difficulty opening the YouTube channel. If it’s slow, investigate the problem and solve it, so your YouTube channel is up and running again.

2. Restart Your Roku Device

Restarting the Roku device will likely solve any app or system issues. Either choose Restart from the menu or disconnect the Roku, wait a while, and then plug it back in.Restart Roku to solve YouTube not working

You might like to try resetting your Roku instead of restarting it if that doesn’t work. However, remember that your customized settings will be lost if reset. You’ll also need to set up the Roku device and connect to your account.

3. Update Your Roku

Launching the YouTube channel may only work correctly if your Roku is updated. The Roku player updates itself automatically. However, having the most recent updates will frequently fix unforeseen issues. Follow the steps below to set the YouTube TV not working on the Roku device.Go to System updates and check for updates
To update it, you must have access to the Roku home screen. Don’t interrupt or switch off your Roku after you’ve started the upgrade process since doing so might damage the software and result in severe problems with your Roku.

4. Down Detector ToolDown detector to fix YouTube not working on Roku

Using the down detector tool, you can check whether the YouTube website is down or having issues. In addition, this tool shows whether any website on the internet has any problems. In this way, you will know whether YT is not working only on your device or for everyone in general. You can find this tool on Google easily by searching Downdetector on your browser.

5. YouTube Is Not Working On Roku: Perform A Factory Reset

If none of the other solutions works, you should consider resetting your Roku device as your final resort. The precise procedures to factory reset your Roku are listed below. Before you start the reset procedure, ensure your account information is backed up. For a factory reset on your Roku:

  • Just use Roku remote to access the Settings menu from the Home Screen.
  • Click on Advanced after selecting the System Settings option.
  • To finish the procedure, choose factory reset and then adhere to the prompts on your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Reducing YouTube Video Quality Help Fixing YouTube Not Working Error?

If your internet connection is slow, you can try changing the video quality on YouTube on your Roku device.

Q2. Is YouTube Compatible With Roku?

Yes. YouTube is compatible with Roku. You just need to connect the two platforms.

Q3. Why Can’t I Sign In On YouTube Using My Roku Device?

Verify that you are using the proper username and password. If you try to log in with the wrong credentials, this will explain if the YouTube account has been canceled or locked. If you have forgotten your YouTube password, try changing it and logging in on Roku.

Q4. Why Is YouTube TV Not Working On Roku?

One reason for YT TV not working could be your Roku software not being updated. However, Roku does not constantly update itself automatically. Thus, it is imperative to check for updates actively. To update Roku, all you have to do is:

  • First, go to system settings on your Roku device.
  • Then, go to system updates and click on Check now.
  • Finally, click on update now to download any pending updates.


After trying all the solutions, still, if your YouTube is not working on Roku, then you should wait and let the YT authorities fix it, as there is an equal chance that the YouTube app might’ve crashed. Of course, you can also report to YouTube if the problem still exists.