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YouTube Could Introduce Three-Strikes Policy For Ad Blocking

What is the three strike policy on YouTube?

If you use an Adblocker to avoid Ads on YouTube, then you might soon need to stop quickly. As YouTube might soon introduce three strikes policy that will ban users from using Adbockers while watching videos on YouTube.

Does this mean that you have no way to avoid ads on YT? What is the YouTube three strike policy about? Here’s everything you must know about this upcoming feature.

YouTube Might Ban Users After Three Strikes For Using Ad Blockers

Three Strikes For Using Ad Blockers

YouTube has been testing a three-strikes policy with some users that are using Ad-blockers. If people still insist on using the Ad-blocker software, then they might see a video playback blocked.

YouTube states that ‘Ad blockers violate YouTube’s terms of service. In extreme cases, if the viewers continue to use Adblockers, playback will be temporarily disabled for them.’

The video-sharing giant is taking disabling video playback very seriously if the viewers repeatedly ignore notifications to disable adblockers. But if viewers feel that they have been flagged falsely for using an Adblocker, then they can also share their feedback by clicking on the link provided in the pop-up.


With the YouTube three strike policy, as a viewer, you will have two options that include watching the YouTube Ads. But if you do not wish to watch ads, then you need to purchase the YouTube Premium subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you get banned for using AdBlock on YouTube?

YouTube will now issue warnings to users that use Adblockers to avoid ads on YT. After three strikes, viewers receive YT will disable video playback temporarily.

Q2. Is YouTube forcing people to disable adblockers?

Yes, YouTube might soon issue three strike warnings to people for using Adblockers, so viewers are forced to disable them.

Q3. What is the new AdBlock policy on YouTube?

According to the new Adblock policy, a viewer will receive three warnings if they use Adblockers to avoid ads on YT. Ultimately video playback will be disabled after three strikes.